Instagram comes out with something new and exciting every year. Its features have made this app suitable for all sorts for brands, influencers, and business owners. Brands are making direct sales and promoting their services ruthlessly.

Instagram is notorious for rolling out new features and trying to make user-experience smooth and friendly.

Yet, for a platform that seems to have it all, Instagram has an extensive process if you’d want to report a problem.

First off, Instagram used to have a support centre email address “”, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

In fact, if you were to send an email to this ID right now. You will be politely informed that this service no longer exists.

support center email address

So, what really is a way to report a problem to Instagram?

We will discuss the eight possible ways to contact Instagram Customer Service in this blog post.

Instagram Help Center Might Have Your Answer

Instead of seeking out an Instagram representative to talk to, you should first look up your problem on the Instagram Help Center. Solutions to a plethora of common problems are listed here.

Instagram Help Center

From managing your Instagram accounts, troubleshooting and log in help, privacy and safety centre, and asking for help on using a business account on IG are some of the wide aspects that the website covers.

It can help you determine answers about your profile, using Instagram on the web, exploring photos and videos, direct messaging, stories, adding multiple accounts, switching between personal and business accounts, getting verified badges, community guidelines, and even information on advertising, linking accounts, and operating Instagram business tools.

Many users find the answer to their problem through the Instagram help Center. Which is why we recommend checking this out before you move further on the hunt for a solution.

Look for the Business Section of Facebook Help Center

The business section of the Facebook help centre has a search bar on the top right corner.

Facebook Help Center

You can post your query here. The best way to write your query would be; Instagram + multiple accounts or Instagram + sign up.

We did a search on Instagram Business for you and here is what came up.

Instagram Business

When you click on the relevant results (we chose Shopping on Instagram with Catalogs), a mini-blog post with all the guidelines come up.

Like this.

Shopping on Instagram

You can search for your solutions over here as it covers another set of problems/questions that users frequently ask.

Ask a Question from the Facebook Help Community 

For more personalized solutions, you can post a question on the Facebook Help Community. When you go there, all you need to do is click on your profile, and you will be directed on where to post your question.

Facebook Help Community

When you click on “ask a question”, you will get something like this.

Facebook Help Community ask your question

You can now post your question under the relevant topics.

You can also browse through the questions that are already posted on the platform.

Social Media Has an Answer to Everything

You don’t have to post your problems on the timeline. Nobody wants that.

Instagram has an official page on Facebook. You can message them to report your query.

instagram official page on Facebook

You can also post a review about your problem Instagram, in the same way, you review a product or service on Facebook pages. Other people might be able to help you this way. They will post answers in the comments section.

Another way to reach out to them is through Twitter. Instagram has an official account on Twitter. Don’t get caught up with fake accounts. You can compose a tweet and tag @Instagram.

Instagram official account on Twitter

You can also send them a message through their official Instagram account.

Instagram official Instagram account

Contact Instagram via App

There is another way to report a problem. You can simply use this feature on the app to provide feedback or report a problem with your account.

Contact Instagram via App

  • Lodge a Complaint Even if You Don’t Have an IG Account

If you want to report a problem with the kind of content posted on Instagram, or a specific account, brand, or a business, you can use this form. You don’t need an Instagram account to report a problem. You can directly do so using this form.

  • Look for Solutions From People Like You

People are sometimes hell-bent on finding a solution to a problem. And when they’re nice people, they will answer your queries on web forums. Some of the places you can ask questions related to Instagram are:

  • Google

Google usually has an answer to everything. At this point, you might even have already searched up the solution to your problem on Google. The best part about Google is that it pulls up the most relevant content no matter on which website it was posted. You will get answers from Quora, Reddit, YouTube, and high-authority blog posts all on a single page.

For more detailed answers to intricate problems, you post on web forums like Reddit and get a reply from people who’ve been down that road.

web forums like reddit

Quora is another web forum that you can use to post your questions and get more personalized solutions to your problems. It’s relatively easy to use.

Quora is another web forum

These places don’t help centres or reviewed by experts all the time. But, many people who have learned through trial and error post their solutions.

Without a help centre, it is impossible to ensure that your queries will be heard by the Instagram team, but every brand looks at these popular forums to check out what people have been saying about their brand. Who knows, your problem might even get addressed at a bigger platform.

Contact your Facebook Advertising Account Manager

If you are paying for ads on Instagram or Facebook and are already investing enough money that you have a real person managing your Facebook/Instagram accounts, then that person might be fit to answer your query.

If all the above-mentioned strategies don’t work for you, personally reaching out to an expert in the field that you can have a back an forth conversation with, is your best bet.

We are quite confident that if you use all the above-mentioned methods to seek out your solutions, you will not be disappointed.

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