Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media applications all over the world. Since the inception of this application in 2010, it has become the largest photo sharing application where people click their photos, adds a virtual filter to it and then share it with their contacts and friends. The ability of this application to reach out to a large mass of people has also made it the best social media marketing platform for the companies. Besides Instagram, Facebook is another most popular social media application which companies use for their marketing. If you are someone looking out for a bigger platform that can help you increase your fan following and branding to another level, then the best thing that you can do is add an Instagram tab to your facebook page.

As you all might be knowing that Instagram and Facebook are a part of the same family and this is why it becomes really easy to integrate both of them together. By adding your Instagram tab to facebook page, you can easily attract more customers. Your Facebook friends will be able to see the insta posts along with the facebook feeds all at once. Integrating both these top social media applications, give you a wide edge over others as you would be able to create impact on a large group of people all at once. Also, there are some of the qualities that Facebook has, but Instagram don’t and vice versa. With the process of adding Instagram tab to your Facebook profile, you can overcome all the shortfalls of both the apps and enjoy a larger marketing platform.

Ways to add Instagram tab to your facebook page

There are two main ways with the help of which you can add insta tab to facebook. One is by using the dedicated application, and another way is establishing a connection through Instagram itself. Both of these ways are discussed, below in brief so that you can choose the one you like:

• By using the applications- there are applications with the help of which you can get your work done. To use these applications, you will first have to log in to your facebook account and then download the application. After the app is installed, you have to click on the go-to app option. Once the app is open, you have to select the pages that you would like to integrate with each other. Follow the process as directed by the application and then click on the allow option to complete the process. Once you have selected the pages that will have Instagram application, you will have to validate the account and login information.
There are a number of application that can do your work, but you have to make sure that you choose them wisely.
• With the help of insta tabs: this process of integrating both the application is said to be the easiest one. With the help of this process, you can showcase your photos of Instagram on Facebook in the form of a small grid or as you like. This process also helps your viewers to comment and like your Instagram posts on Facebook and give you more likes and popularity. The steps to use insta tab is as follows:
Step 1- you will have to log in to your facebook account and locate the Instagram tab application you will have to click on the go to app after that.
Step 2- in this step, you will have to select the Facebook page in which you will like to add the Instagram tab. Click on the Add Instagram Tab option to integrate the pages.
Step 3- after the above step has taken place you will have to wait for the process to take place. Your Instagram tab will be associated with that on facebook. You can make all the necessary settings related to it afterwards.

The top right corner will reveal the administration panel, and you can select the image size.
From these two processes, you can select the one that suits you the best and enjoy all the benefits associated with it.

Are there any benefits of integrating Instagram with facebook?

For people who want to become popular and increase their fan following and for companies who want to have a larger marketing base, this method is a must use one. By integrating both the applications, you will be able to have all the insta feed on your facebook so that you can have a larger view and likes on your posts. You can increase your brand research by capturing pictures and displaying them directly on your facebook page. It helps you to engage your community in a better way as it would allow your fans to vote for their favorite photos. It also helps you to create content and brand ambassadors. It could be concluded that you will get all the benefits of having a larger platform for marketing.

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