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How to Use Instagram Live: The Basics

instagram live

Instagram Live is a tool that allows you to broadcast video directly to your IG followers in real-time. It’s a part of the Instagram Stories feature – one of the most popular functions of the social media channel for more than 400 million daily users.

When you publish an Instagram Live video, you give your fans a raw and unfiltered (so to speak) look into your business and your brand. It’s a great way to connect with your target audience on a deeper level and begin building some crucial brand connections.

Unfortunately, if you’re wondering how to watch Instagram Live on PC or how to post live photos on Instagram, we can’t help you. For now, you can only access Live through the IG app. The good news is that we can answer any questions you might have about setting up your Instagram Live stream.

How to Go Live on Instagram

Anyone can create an Instagram live video, provided they have an official IG account. All you need to do is open the Instagram app and select the camera in the top left of the page. You can also swipe left to go directly into the in-app camera.

At the bottom of your camera page, you’ll see a number of options to click on, including your normal video camera, your Rewind function, and your Boomerang feature. Keep scrolling until you find the tab named Live. This gives you a single white button that you can hit to launch your live stream. You’ll hit the same button again when you decide to bring your video to an instagram

How to Setup Your Instagram Live Video

Now that countless people are tuning in to watch Instagram live, it’s essential that you get your videos looking great before you publish anything. Obviously, you can’t record content and edit it in advance, as this would negate the whole “live” concept of the feature. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t put some useful settings in place.

If you launch an Instagram Live stream without touching the settings, you’ll automatically publish your content publicly, allowing anyone and everyone to comment on your material. However, if you go through to your Instagram Stories settings, you can choose specific people that you want to show your content on. Here, you’ll also be able to toggle “Save Shared Photos” into action, so that your Live video is saved when you’re finished shooting it.

Saving your stream will send it to your Instagram Stories app. There, you can use third-party apps to watch Instagram live on PC within your own account, or post content at a later stage.

Making the Most of Your Instagram Live Video

There’s more to successfully figuring out how to go Live on Instagram than hitting a button and letting the chips fall where they may. Once the camera’s rolling, make sure you know how to engage with your audience. You can check out the button of your screen to determine how many people are engaging with your content. You’ll also be able to check out and respond to any comments from your followers.

If you’d rather not have input from your fans, then you might be wondering how to hide comments on Instagram live. All you need to do is click your 3 dots settings tab in the bottom right of the stream and click on “turn off comments.”

Remember, if you’re using your Instagram live stream for business purposes, there are a few steps you can take to improve the impact of your content. For example:

1. Prepare for your Broadcast in Advance

Preparing for your Instagram Live experience is a process that can involve many steps. You don’t need to make your content look overly-produced, as people will expect it to be relatively raw and mediocre in quality. However, it’s a good idea to get the lighting right and check your audio before you begin streaming. You might also want to create a script of points you want to cover in your conversation.

If you have time, prepare for your Instagram live stream by posting a few “countdown” posts in the week beforehand. You can even publish an Instagram Story with a countdown sticker that lets people know when to expect your next broadcast. The more engagement you can get on your streams by generating interest in advance, the better your chances of appearing on the Instagram Explore page. You might even decide to reach out to influencers who can help advertise your upcoming event.

2. Plan Your Content

There are plenty of engaging and interesting ways to use Instagram live video to connect with your audience. Depending on your brand identity, you might try various ideas, including Q&A sessions with industry influencers, or how-to guides on important topics in your niche. Other ways to make the most of Instagram Live include:

  • Giving people an inside look at a new product or service: A sneak peek is sure to get your audience excited, and it could mean that more people turn up to your next Instagram live stream.
  • Showing your human side: Let people see the other side of your business by giving them a look behind the curtain. Showcase your day-to-day operations and introduce your fans to members of your staff.
  • Launching new products: Introduce new items and services that you’re about to bring out for the public. Explain what the benefits of your new creation are, and let your customers ask any questions they might have.
  • Creating flash promotions and sales: Because Instagram Live video is designed for short-term use, like Instagram Stories, is create for flash sales and promotions. Give people access to limited one-time sales if they’re lucky enough to tune into your broadcast at the right time. This is sure to keep people buzzing about your brand.

3. Use Instagram Live to Build Deeper Connections with your Audience

Finally, one of the main reasons why people love Instagram live is it allows them to see an authentic representation of their favorite companies. Take advantage of your ability to build stronger relationships through Live by engaging with your followers. Answer their questions, give them the content that they request and more.

You can even ask people to submit questions to your team before-hand for an upcoming Q&A session. Not only will this improve your chances of more people watching your Instagram live stream, but it will also help you to collect crucial customer email addresses.

How are you using Live for your Instagram campaigns?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Plan from Scratch 2019 [Infographic]

Social Media Marketing plan

Social media market:

An online platform to advertise your product through different posts, blogs, vlogs, pictures on different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc.

This Social Media Marketing Plan requires a humble amount of popularity among the targeted audience. This is where we come into the picture, we help you to maintain target audience by providing you likes, follows and shares of your respective page.

We help you design a plan and target a healthy responsive audience through which you can merchandise your product easily


Social Media Marketing Plan from Scratch 2019 [Infographic]

An online platform to advertise your product through different posts, blogs, vlogs, pictures on different social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest etc. This Social Media Marketing Plan requires a humble amount of popularity among the targeted audience.
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Some common steps:

What are you doing?:

When starting a business through any social media, one should be aware of the work they are doing.

The main idea must be about how you’re going to manage your social site and work through it by  maintaining daily posts and blogs.

To make your page well known, you must be available on social media all the time, this helps you increase your audience because of your responsiveness.

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When you start a social media marketing site, you must know its not restricted to particular apps, suppose you have developed a site and you’re promoting it only on Facebook,

This will help you but only in small majors. In the last few years, social media marketing has taken a huge turn, and now is considered a big thing.

You need to be aware of your competitions not just on Facebook but Twitter Instagram YouTube and Pinterest etc too.

Our website deals with all these social networking site and we have people who help sponsor and promote new businesses.

Dealing with these sites we know about people and the product they like to see on their pages, we will provide you a target audience according to your product, and the information you need to better your work from others.


Once you have completed created a setup of what you’re doing and you have gathered enough information about the market and your competitors.

Post content daily on your site to attract more viewers, the more views you’ll get the more there’ll be chances of sales and promotions.

Now, set a goal, make a target and follow it through, put effort and give time to your social sites.

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First and foremost thing that might help you is listening with keen interest how and what a customer is demanding this might help you with your product quality.


We can help you with providing likes on Facebook , and follows on Instagram and Twitter, further it will depend on you how you engage with people who wants to buy from you.

You must maintain a healthy conversation with people who are engaging on your page, whether it is on Facebook or Instagram.


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The other steps are sending your stuff to the influencers so that they promote it on their Instagram or Facebook accounts. Holding small giveaways every 3 months to attract enough audience.

Target Market:

When you start a business, most people don’t know how to target a particular market where their products will easily be sold.

That is the reason we are here and we help you in this by telling you what place and how you should target a particular market through your content and posts.


Making a plan is never a difficult task, what a difficult task is implementing it through. There will always be difficult times in business. No one get successful overnight.

Marketing whether it be social media marketing or others, requires a lot of time and effort.

If you’re ready to put your efforts and give enough time to what business you have started then you will be soon successful but for that you have to be strong headed and shouldn’t stray from the main work.

If you’re making a goal and targeting an audience, never step down always look through the difficulties and to the successful result this will help you keep a straight mind and further implementation of your plans.


On social media marketing platform the basic tool is your blog and the audience, if you don’t have an up to mark blog you can’t target audience but first you need a small amount of audience on your respective site to target further audience, we provide you the starting audience of your business, later you have to post daily blogs and posts to attract more audience.


One can not be available on social media all the time. So hire someone who can look at your work while you’re away. A constant online presence is required to build your page strong.

When you’re responsive to your customers, they feel a friendly connection with you and so they help you with information about the products they require.

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Facebook Marketing

22 Facebook Post Ideas For Businesses Infographic

Facebook Marketing is important for every Business. Once you enter in Digital Marketing and you do not run your business on Facebook then very high chances you never get clients in short time period.

Here I will share with you 22 Facebook Ideas that can help to increase the visibility of any Business. Just go with smart way but Stop! First Overview this Below Infographic such an Interesting Ideas I am sharing hope you’ll like it.

22 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses