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How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Video Problems

youtube black screen

Have you ever faced this problem? You go to watch a video on YouTube like you would most nights, but all you’re getting is a black screen. Maybe at best you’re getting a YouTube black screen with sound but no image.

youtube viewWhat’s going on?

You’ve been hit by the YouTube Black screen error – an issue that can affect users in a number of different ways for a variety of various reasons. Everything from a bad browser extension, to an ad blocker, or even a clunky video driver could be stopping you from catching up on your favorite funny cat content.

The good news is that we’re going to teach you what you can do when you see the dreaded black screen on YouTube.

Why Is My YouTube Screen Black?

Before you can begin fixing the black screen YouTube video issue, you’re going to need to know what’s causing it. Sometimes, the problem will be with a bug on YouTube’s end – in that case, all you can do is wait for the problem to be fixed. However, if it’s something to do with your browser, your application, or even your ad-blocker, there are things that you can do.

Here are just some of the things that can cause a YouTube screen black-out:

  • Ad-blocking plugins: Sometimes, your ad-blocker will stop you from watching a video, rather than just filtering out the ads.
  • Browser issues: An out-of-date or corrupted browser will stop you from doing various things. In this case, all you need to do is update your browser.
  • Computer problems: If your computer isn’t working as it should be, you could face a black screen as a result. A simple restart can be enough to get things back to normal.
  • Network errors: Slow internet speeds or local network issues prevent YouTube videos from loading correctly.
  • YouTube app issues: If you’re wondering why you have a YouTube black screen on Android, the problem could be with an app on your phone.

So, how do you fix these problems?

One option is to log out of your Google account. If you’re suffering from an issue where your YouTube video plays, but a black screen covers the image, then it might help to log out of your Google account. It’s one of the easiest fix options. You can even avoid logging out entirely by simply opening an Incognito tab in Google Chrome and seeing whether the video runs smoothly in a private session.

If that doesn’t work, try:

1. Adjusting Your AdBlocker Settings

Search for “Adblock YouTube Black Screen” on Google, and you’ll find countless people complaining about the fact that their adblocker is stopping their content from playing. Ad blockers filter the content you’re shown online to make sure that you’re not constantly plagued by advertisements. However, sometimes they malfunction and block your videos by accident.

Try loading the page with your ad blocker temporarily turned off and see whether you still get the YouTube black screen. If you don’t, check your ad blocker to see if you can list YouTube videos as something your application doesn’t affect.

2. Change Your Browser Settings

If you’re suffering from a Chrome YouTube black screen, but the problem disappears on Firefox, then it may be something to do with your browser. Everything from corrupted cache data to cookies can stop videos from loading as they should. To rule out this problem, try reloading the page, clearing your cache, or simply switching to a different browser. Other options to try include:

  • Logging out of your YouTube account
  • Clearing the browser cache
  • Searching for browser updates
  • Restarting your computer
  • Deleting browser cookies
  • Disabling hardware acceleration on your web browser

3. Deal with Network Problems

If your YouTube video black screen isn’t fixed by restarting your computer or just clearing out your browser, then you might have an issue with your network connection. If your internet link is completely down, then you probably won’t be able to get onto YouTube at all. However, sometimes, when there’s only a small issue, you might see the black screen on YouTube, and nothing else.

Usually, the best way to fix a connection issue that’s leading to YouTube playing a black screen is to power cycle your modem and router. If you’re connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, you can also consider switching to a wired connection. Other options include:

4. Update the Drivers on your Graphics Card

Maybe the black screen on YouTube has nothing to do with your ad block, Chrome, or your network connection. Instead, it could be an issue with a bad GPU driver instead. If you see a YouTube black screen with audio, this is a good sign that there’s something wrong with the image, not your entire computer. To update your graphics drivers, go into your start menu and type DXDIAG into your menu. This will allow you to run the DirectX diagnostic tool.

Under the Device section in your diagnostic tool, you’ll be able to see the name of your graphics card. Use that to search for updates and drivers online.

5. Restart Your YouTube App

If the problem isn’t with your computer, but with a YouTube app black screen, then you might have an issue with the version of YouTube that’s on your phone. To deal with this issue, the easiest option is to clear out your cache and app data. However, if this doesn’t address the problem, then you might need to restart your device.

Another option may be to completely delete your YouTube app and reinstall it. You can also find out if the app is to blame by navigating to the mobile web version of YouTube on your smartphone and trying to view a video from there.

Hopefully, these tips have helped to fix the black screen on YouTube for you. If you have any other advice, feel free to share it in the comments below.

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What Does DM Mean In Social Media?

What Does DM Mean In Social Media?

What Does Dm Mean In Socia Media?

This is the era of social media. Each and every person in this modern age is social media addicts. From a 5-year-old to 65 years old, you will find people from every age group having their personal account on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter Instagram, snapchat and many others. Social media is a whole new world with some different abbreviations and Acronyms. DM is one of them. DM is a widely used social media slang that means “Direct message”.

You might have also seen “DM’ as one of the famous social media #tags as well. DM is usually used between two persons to directly approach each other. Like if there is any comment that cannot be made publically or any picture that can’t be shared on a feed, so you can DM it to your friends or colleagues.

What does DM stand For?

At present social media scenario, the concept of instant messaging is increasing. No one has time to make long calls and to discuss their matters over these calls. Thanks to the social media that now the conversation is becoming easier. I remember the time when we used to write letters and fax to our beloved one to just tell them that we are getting married, or someone suffering from any diseases, or to plan any hangout.

But now we have a lot of social media platforms that allow us to DM any of our friends instantly and let them know about us in a fraction of seconds.

History of DM:

If I define DM properly so I will say that “ A direct message is a private function that allows one user to send a private message to the other user using any social media platform”. This social media platform can be anything like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or snapchat. The history of DM on Instagram and Twitter is not so old. In the past five years, the feature of DM was introduced in Instagram. Before that Instagram was just an App that allows sharing your photos with friends and peers.

The social media Apps that are being used for communication like Facebook have this feature from starting. Moreover, on Twitter and Instagram, you are allowed to delete the direct message as well. This is one of the unique and useful features that helps you to delete the message before the user has seen it. this feature was first introduced on Twitter. Later on, Instagram and WhatsApp introduced it to their users. Facebook still doesn’t allow deleting of the message one its sent. For Example. You have sent a private message to any of your friends, it might be a picture or a dance video.

After a while, you realized that it is not appropriate or this can hurt his0her feelings or make them feel bad. So just don’t worry go and delete the message you have sent. Sometimes a private message can be sent by mistake or your toddlers can send something while using a mobile phone. So there is no need to worry the deleting message feature is here to save you from any trouble.

DM on Facebook:

DM on facebook means Direct Message. When you send someone personal message in a chat box it is known as a Direct message. It can either be a conversation between two individuals or a group chat that has several participants. When you send someone a DM it is a private message that can’t be seen by any other person. The DM that is being sent in the group can be seen by the participants of the group only.

If you want to DM some other user on a facebook. Just open a chat box. Enter the Facebook username of that particular friend and send him a message. It is as simple as that.

DM on Instagram:

DM on Instagram also means Direct message. In case you want to comment on something personal and you don’t want to show it to the other users. Just use the DM feature. The private message will be sent to that particular user. Instagram also has the feature to unsend any message I mentioned above. This used feature is missing on Facebook yet. The #DM has been seen quite often. It means if you want to know the detail of any page or any item you can DM the admin to have the desired information.

As Instagram is also playing an important role as an e-commerce market. They are a number of online Instagram pages that are delivering their products all across the world. You can book your order using the direct message feature. All you need to do is just go to the page. There will be an option of a message, click the option. The new window will appear. Type what you want them to know and send the message.

DM on Snapchat:

Direct message on snapchat can be sent simply by opening the chat window of any particular user. If you want to DM some just go to New Chat icon that will be on the top right of the screen. Add the participant or snapchat username of the person. The new window will appear. You can write something, or add a picture over there. Press send and your direct message will be delivered in no time.

Some Other Possible Meanings of DM:
· Doctor of medicine
· Direct Marketing
· Diabetes Miletus
· Dungeon Master
· Desired Menu
· Design Medal
· Design Mug
· Death Match
· And Decimeter.


There are unlimited examples of Dm. but in short, DM is the slang word that is most used by youngsters over the social media website. The most appropriate meaning of DM on social media is “Direct message”. As soon as some said DM me at night or I ‘ll catch you on DM after work. You will get instantly that he/she will be surely talking about the Direct message. Though all of the above-listed meaning of DM is also correct as well on social media DM only means Direct message.

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How to use Instagram Direct Message on Pc or Mac

How to Use Instagram direct on pc

We love to Explain How to Use Instagram Direct Message on PC or Mac. Instagram is a widely growing social network which allows millions of people to engage in it as a mean of entertainment and many more. It provides a lot of amazing benefits to its users. It is widely used as a mean of entertainment where you can upload photographs and maintain your own feed. The majority of users utilize the Instagram mobile application to scroll through the feeds.

The mobile application provides almost all the facilities for the users. But if you are someone who constantly works with a computer, you would not gain some of the facilities that the mobile application provides.

If you have logged into Instagram through the PC, you are able to

  •    View photos and videos
  •    React to posts
  •    Scroll down the feed
  •    Leave comments for posts
  •    Follow or unfollow users

Those are the primary benefits that you receive when you log in to Instagram through the PC. There is one prime benefit that you do not receive when you log in to Instagram through the PC. Users are not allowed to Direct Message other users when they use the Pc/Mac.

What is Direct Message on Instagram?

The direct message is a facility which is available on Instagram. It helps users to send messages to each other just like in other social media. Users can share photos, videos, texts or links with the other users. These messages are kept in private, and they will not appear in the feed or in stories. You can also share your favorite or important posts from feeds with your loved ones through Direct Messages. If you want to check deeply the meaning of DM Click here

Just imagine an instance where you suddenly witness something that you would love to buy in an online shop on Instagram, how would you contact them if they have asked you to Direct message them? Well, the major complication in using Instagram through the computer is that you are unable to Direct message to the other users.

Do never worry or panic because there are some other ways which you can have access to the direct message even if you log in through the PC. This is a simple guide on How to dm on Instagram on pc. Have a quick look at it and start using the direct message facility through the PC.

A Guide on Using Direct Message on Pc or Mac

Although many people believe that they are denied from using Direct Message facility when they reach Instagram through their computers, there are several ways that anyone can do it. If we take a look on this matter, there are a few major ways which people can Direct Message when they log in through the Pc. Keep reading to get to know more about it.

A step-by-Step Guide On How to use Instagram Direct Message on PcMac

Using Instagram for a computer running with Windows 10
Using BlueStacks
Switch on to Third-party Software

1. Using Instagram for a computer running with Windows 10

If your computer is functioning with Windows 10 these simple steps would make you enable the Direct Message on Instagram.

  •    Download the Instagram for Windows application from the Windows App Store
  •    Install it properly and run it on your computer

These are extremely steps which you can follow and gain access to the Direct Message through the PC. Once you install and run the application in your PC, you can have the same benefits you receive through the mobile Instagram application. Now you can view and reply to messages from Instagram users. If you want to send a new message to a user you can head on to the conversation section in the top right corner.

2. Using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a free application which you can download to your PC to experience the benefits of Direct Message. There are some steps that you have to follow with regards to your Google account. Follow the steps accordingly and then you would be able to enable Direct Message. This application is compatible with a lot of devices hence many people try using this application to gain access to Direct Message through the PC.

3. Switch On to Third-party Software

If any of the above-mentioned ways do not play your way, you can try using a third party software. The majority of people are interested in using third-party software like the Instagram DMs on Desktop which easily enables them to DM on Instagram through their PCs. This is widely being used in the present world.

These are the simplest ways on How to dm on instagram on pc which you can enable DM services on your PC. But keep in mind that some of these have negative means such as slow down the functions of the computers. Sometimes you may be unable to sign in to Instagram even if you fulfill all the steps promptly. However, if you come across any difficulties in trying these ways, you can switch on to some other methods which you think would work for the best.

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7 Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks for Success in 2018


Want To Have A Nice Instagram Profile? Look At Instagram Tips and Tricks

Sharing photos, tagging people, what does all of this remind you of? Oh, and hashtags? Yes, all of you guessed it correctly. Instagram! Instagram is the most popular and is widely used social platform for posting pictures, sharing videos and stories. Everyone has a smartphone with them now which makes it, even more, more accessible to access Instagram. It has a lot of users, and each one wants to make their profile look better.

Tips and Tricks for Instagram

1. Suggested User List

The best way to get more followers is when you get featured on the suggested list of Instagram. You are shown for almost two weeks continuously to people once you make it up to there. This can help you in gaining practically ten thousand followers within these weeks. Many of them are spam accounts or ghost followers on Instagram, but also some of them are the live crowd who they are genuinely interested in your profile. You will be featured on Instagram as soon as you are consistent and start posting on Instagram. Only post your best pictures and respond back to your followers.

2. Manage your accounts: Public and Private

Gone are those days where you were allowed to have just one account on Instagram. You can have multiple accounts, but you need to log out from one account to access the other account. You can have one account where you share your private photos, and you can choose the people who will be seeing those images. But, this is one hectic job. Recently Instagram has added a feature wherein five accounts can be managed by adding accounts.  You need to go the three dots on your profile page and click on the three dots. There is an option “Add Account” which lets you have new accounts which you can access without logging in and out. You can switch to any of the statements by merely choosing them from the drop-down menu present on the Instagram page.

3. #HashtagIsNecessary

If you want viewers to find your photos and have more real instagram likes and followers , you need to have #Hashtags in it. The correct tags help in finding more number of audiences who share the same interest. You can also check if the hashtag is already used or not by searching the same in the search box of Instagram. If it is previously occupied, have a new one. If it is a group photo which many of your friends are posting, ask them to use the same hashtag so that it becomes more popular.

4. Follow more accounts

Keep an eye on the activity page of Instagram. You can see what are the posts that are being liked by your followers or people you follow. You can also look at the pictures you are tagged in, on the activity page. By doing this, you will know the posts your audiences are interested in and you can find new people and get more acquainted with the choice of your followers.

5. Who is your favorite Instagrammer?

We follow a lot of Instagrammers, and it becomes challenging to make sure we have seen all of their posts. It is also a daunting job for Instagram to make sure that all the posts from each followed page are shown. They are trying to improve their algorithm to make sure more positions are shown. As of now, if you don’t want to miss your favorite Instagrammer’s post, you need to visit their profile and click on “Turn on Post” by selecting the three dots in the right corner of the upper side.

7 Method to Get Instagram Followers 2018

6. How to remove that embarrassing photo where you are tagged?

Your best friend never stops from putting your embarrassing photos in social media, do they? And what is worse is that people can even see them from “Photos of You” section. Tap on the photo where you have been tagged, and your screen name of Instagram will be shown. You will have to select “Hide from My Profile or Remove from Photo” by tapping your handle.

7.Desktop Supports Instagram, too

Although it started as a mobile platform, only after a lot of research it is now available on computers also. You can visit which is even a friendlier version. But, you won’t be able to upload any photos from it. You can view, edit and follow people from a desktop.

Hope, 2019 brings you with many followers!