Facebook is the most widely used social networking sites in the world today. It is accessed everyday by over half a billion users, who use the site for various reasons. While the most common reason is boredom, the other reasons involve staying in touch with friends, to get more information on new things, and to indicate Facebook likes, preferences and day to day activities to various people. Thus, if you want to achieve the best possible exposure for your website, Facebook is an opportunity that you cannot afford to ignore. Here are some of the best ways of getting more Facebook fans.

How to get more Facebook fans?

You can get Facebook fans by having a well designed and noticeable tag or link on your website. Also when you use online SEO services to market your company online, you must ensure that under any and every article which they publish on various blog sites, they include the Facebook become a fan icon. This will lead them to their Facebook page, where they are most probably already logged in, and they will then become fans of your company’s page.
The key is in reaching out to as many people as possible, and in the most appealing way. Even if one person clicks on the “like” button, all of his contacts will be able to see the change on their walls. They may then want to do the same. The next best thing is to use the direct marketing techniques. Whenever as a marketing effort, you send promotional offers to your existing customers; you can include a “Become a fan on Facebook” icon in the email itself. This also gives you a lot of mileage, as the customer will then be recommending you to all of his contacts.

Content and Updates:

One of the biggest ways to get Facebook fans is to design interesting and catchy ads, with some interesting content. No one wants to be bored. Even a non-customer may get converted into a loyal customer is he likes your ad. The nest important part involves maintaining an active and an interesting Facebook page. You must ensure that the page is continuously being updated with interesting tit-bits. Keep the discussions on various topics alive. This will keep up people’s interest, and will ensure that you retain the fans that you have got.
You can also try giving incentives for becoming a fan. For example, you can give every 100th fan a special discount or an offer. This helps you in creating a lot of goodwill among your customers. They will then surely recommend your page to their friends, and tell them very proudly about becoming a winner. This will inspire others as well to become a fan.
You can get Facebook Likes fairly quickly so if you setup everything right and work on advertising your page regularly it won’t be long until you are well known on the Internet. There are also no limits to how many facebook pages or accounts that you can have either so if you have more than one company you can get facebook fans