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So.. Why Buy Instagram Story Views?

How to Buy Instagram Story Views?

Story views are the views that you get on the story you publish. Pretty straightforward we know, but there is a twist. The view only counts if the whole story is viewed and the story disappears after 24 hours. Just clicking on the story doesn’t work so people actually have to view the whole thing for it to register as a view. This measure was introduced to deter trolls and bots from giving views to stories without actually viewing them. Stories themselves are short videos that can include audio.

The story can range from 1 to 15 seconds which is a really small gap to fit a lot of information in. You can also upload edited videos using third-party apps to make a slide-show or a highlight reel to make sure that your point gets across. Story views are important because they show how many people are watching your profile daily and how interested they are in seeing your content.

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Why Story Views are Important:

Story views are important because they reflect on how many people are interested in longer forms of content. Posts can be easily skipped but to get a view on a story the whole 15 seconds have to be viewed. A story with a high views count means that people really appreciate the video and are willing to go through the whole 15 seconds. 15 seconds may not seem like much but people who actively use social media don’t spare time for anything that doesn’t seem interesting. 15 seconds is a lot to fill if the content has to be entertaining throughout.

High view count stories tend to attract more views because it gives people an incentive to go through the whole story. It makes people expect something from the story and is more motivated to watch the whole thing. High view stories can also lead to likes and comments on posts, more followers and more traffic on your profile itself.

Who Needs Story Views:

Stories are generally special for businesses because they are rarely used. The reason for that it becomes really hard to fill all 15 seconds in an interesting way and still relate to a promotion that the business wants to put forward. Stories are usually done on special occasions. The most common stories that businesses publish are of holiday greetings. Christmas story videos are the most used as they can have a bunch of interesting content in them as well as promotional content very easily. Story views can also be used to promote something new.

A new product doesn’t usually warrant a story unless the product is extremely different. Stories usually portray a scene or location in which a company program is being held. The 15 second overview is great for summing up an event that was held, just to increase awareness of the event and to make people feel included. Story views are useful for any business that wants to emphasize a certain event that took place to increase awareness of the event or just to promote a feeling of belonging and promoting a positive brand image. The 24 hour window really limits the options of businesses but stories are incredibly useful for short-term promotions and events and the only real limit to stories is the limit that is set by your own creativity.

How it Works:

Story views function differently than other posts because of the criteria that they follow. The most difficult function that needs to be managed is the limited amount of time available for views. The fact that they are available for only 24 hours makes it hard to target get views over a long period of time. That is why story views have to be marketed aggressively so that they can get the desired number of views within a few hours. This leaves room for other people to give views to them and respond to them.

Our unique algorithm allows us to target people that are more likely to focus on stories and are more interested in seeing short videos rather than pictures. This allows us to garner more views for your story. Make sure story views totally different Instagram Tv Views. We do this by utilizing world time zones, targeting the users that are active and having a direct line to people that we know will view the type of content that you are publishing.