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Three Simple Steps

How to Buy SoundCloud Plays

The process to buy SoundCloud Plays from Smmpoint is simple!

So.. Why Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Buy SoundCloud Plays for Instant Track Popularity

When you buy SoundCloud plays you make sure that people get to hear the music that you are making. This gives you the opportunity to get your music out there and make sure that it is heard among the people. The way SoundCloud works, it gets hard to make it as a new artist. By buying SoundCloud plays you increase the number of people that are listening to your music and thus increase the popularity that you receive as an artist.

SoundCloud plays also help when you are trying to get your song ranked on trending. The SoundCloud algorithm takes into account how many plays your song has and that decides how well it performs on SoundCloud. This allows you to see how people are reacting to your music and what type of music your followers prefer.

Best Place to Get Real SoundCloud Plays

Smmpoint is the best place to get real SoundCloud plays for two reasons. The first is that we never compromise on quality. We don’t use bots or empty accounts so that the plays you get because of us are actual genuine plays. We only make use of targeted plays so that the people that listen to your music are actually interested in it.

The second reason why we are the best place to get real SoundCloud plays is the competitive pricing model that we have in place. We have analyzed the prices that are being offered by our competitors and have arranged our pricing model to be as affordable as possible. This is largely due to the international clientele that we serve.

Benefits of Buying SoundCloud Plays

There are multiple benefits of buying SoundCloud plays. The first is the exposure that your music gets. Since we deal with real people, your music gets actual plays that matter. Through these plays you can see how people are reacting to your music and how much they like it. It also helps you spread out your music to people that haven’t heard it. If people like what you have to say then you can expect your followers  for Soundcloud explode. SoundCloud tracks are rated according to the plays that they have and increasing the plays on even one of your tracks can have a huge impact on your profile as a whole.

Is it safe to buy plays?

It is completely safe to buy plays from us. All we do is promote your account which means we don’t use bots and empty accounts. This is not against the terms of service of SoundCloud which means there will be no negative effects on your account. What we do falls within the terms of service because as an artist you know how important promoting is. SoundCloud also realizes that and thus doesn’t ban your account for promoting your music.

We also don’t need your password because why would we? We’ll never ask for your password and that makes sure that your account is kept safe from any malicious activity.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

We only accept those payment options that are globally recognized. That means we only take Paypal, Mastercard and Visa. All of these transaction service providers are available globally which means that we can cater to clients from all around the globe. They are safe and reliable, and we have never had an issue with using them. They are also faster than most of the other payment options available which means that we can confirm your payment faster. That allows us to start working on your orders as soon as possible. Keep in mind though, the time difference can play a factor when confirming your payment so please allow at least 48 hours for confirmation. If you don’t get confirmation after that then feel free to contact our customer service so that we can make it right.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the offers that we have for sale. It doesn’t matter how good your music is if there is no one to listen to it. With our services you can be sure that your voice is being heard and thus increase our chances of being a successful artist.