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We are offering already monetized YouTube channel with no copyright and community strike, 100% safe and secure.
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Already Monetized

We will provide already monetized 100% safe and secure YouTube channel.

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No Copyright/Community Strike

We will provide you a YouTube channel with no copyright and community strike

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Safe & Secure

We will provide you 100% safe and secure channel and all kind of access to it.

Brands and businesses use video content to rank higher on Google. Videos are fifty percent more likely to appear on Google as compared to an average web page. When brands hire digital marketers, the first thing they’re told is to get established on Youtube.
Top notch actors such as The Rock, Zac Efron, Adelaide Kane, and Aliya Bhatt have started their own Youtube channels because its a promising career choice for the future. If you know how to properly monetize your Youtube channel, their is nothing better than starting a career on Youtube for startup businesses and brands as well.

Why You Need To Buy a YouTube Channel?

why to purchase youtube channel

Starting a Youtube channel from scratch and growing your followers can take a lot of time. It takes months before your videos even crack the surface of popularity.
An already established Youtube channel can save you the time and energy of those beginner days where you wait for the first hundred followers on your account.
Once you buy a Youtube channel, you already have views, followers, comments and fans from previous owner’s videos. So you can start posting fresh content about your own products/services from day one and receive thousands of views automatically.

Why You Need To Buy a YouTube Channel?

why do you need youtube channel

Is It Legal To Buy a Youtube Channel?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to buy a Youtube Channel considering yours videos should be strictly in compliance with the terms of  YouTube Partner Program and Community Guidelines.

How To Buy a Youtube Channel?

You can swiftly buy a Youtube channel by 

  1. Browsing through different channels among your niche/industry. 
  2. Contact the ones that best fit your needs.
  3. And make an offer. You will likely get replies from serious sellers. 

Another way is to look on the internet and among Facebook groups, for people who are looking to sell their Youtube channels. 

Buying a general YT channel and tailoring it for your audience can work well.

Keep in mind that you pay a fair price for a YT channel based on its views, followers, and overall popularity.  

How to Transfer YouTube Accounts?

transfer youtube channel

How to Transfer Youtube Accounts?

A YouTube channel may be associated with many email IDs. Hut, there is only a single email ID which has the primary ownership for a Youtube channel. When you buy a Youtube channel, the previous owner adds you as an owner of the Youtube channel, and then replaces you as the primary owner of that channel. 

Only the primary owner has the authority to make this request. It takes 24 hours to proceed with this request.

Once you’re made the primary owner of the channel, you can delete all the other associated accounts to have full control of your channel. 

How Much Does a Youtube Channel Cost?

The cost of a Youtube channel depends on how well it is performing. A number of things are taken into consideration such as:

  • The existing followers of the YouTube channel.
  • How old is the channel?
  • Is it monetized? How much is the monthly revenue?
  • Are there any strikes against it?
  • How many followers does it have?
  • How many videos it has?
Here are some important things to keep in consideration when buying a YouTube channel:

Important Things You Should Know When Buying YouTube Channels

  • What Kind of Audience it Serves

The location of the audience, and the niche of the channel plays an important role in a successful transition. The CPM of audience in the United States is much higher than that in other countries. So, obviously the monetization is better. But, you cannot buy a channel from someone who makes videos for Turkish viewers and try to serve an audience in the US. 

  • Previous Niche/Industry of the YouTube Channel 

Another thing to consider is the niche of the channel. If the previous owner made comedy videos, and you’re going to do tech reviews, then that won’t work. You will have to buy a YouTube channel which already has an audience interested in technology.

  • Is There a Face Associated with the Channel?

Imagine waking up one day and watching you favorite YouTube celebrity turn into a woman serving you homemaking tips. 

That won’t work right? There isn’t much success if you work with channels previously associated with a face. 

  • The Channel Should be Strike-Free

YouTube strikes a channel when another Youtuber claims copyright infringement on your video content. After three strikes Youtube not only deletes your channel but also ban the person from making another YouTube channel. 

Although strikes expire after ninety days, but it negatively effects the standing of your YouTube channel. 

YouTube is one of the most promising digital media networks. It is well suited for creating brand awareness, posting advertisements, and selling products or services. It is the right time to invest your money in buying a YouTube channel. Instead of creating one from scratch, you can save months of effort by simply buying one. 

After buying a YouTube Channel, your next focus should be to grow your audience fast. You can look up these amazing resources for that here.