Do you know what I love about LinkedIn?

Being able to see who checked my profile – it is such a rare thing on social media that even LinkedIn does not offer it with the freemium version.

Facebook and definitely Instagram do not allow you to see as to who looked at your posts. There is no doubt about the fact that Facebook/Instagram has all that data (might even be using it for different purposes), but these two social media apps do not let you know who visited your posts or profile.

One of the reasons that come to my mind as an obvious answer is that perhaps these social media enterprises (both under the deep and dark shadow of Mark Zuckerberg) are planning to sell this as a premium version.


It is clear that we cannot see what’s happening on Instagram in terms of post visits – we cannot tell as to how many people saw our Instagram posts. The only stats that we get are about the “hearts” that we won and the comments that we got.


This does not mean that there is no hope – while the clear and simple answer to your question (can you see who views your Instagram?) is a no, there are other ways to get to know the people who really “follow” you on your Instagram.

Let us see what we can do:

1. Who Loves Me?

The easiest and simplest way to know who loves you on Instagram or who just follows you a lot is to see who reacts most to your posts.

And this is not something that Facebook/Instagram can hide from you – I mean if they do so, it means they are going out of the business and letting you know that it is time to move to some other social forums.

So, for example, I just went to this post (my friend’s Instagram while using his phone) that he made a while ago, and I saw that he got 50 likes and a comment too.

Here, take a look:

Instagram while using hashtag

As you can see, there is one comment that is visible – that comment says “love it”. It would be safe to assume that the person who made that comment (if they’re already in your followers) is the one who views your Instagram profile the most.

But, hold your horses for a second …

We also know that 50 people liked this image/post. As usual, the name shows in particular social media style; ABC and 35 others liked your post.

Now here we get another name (after the one we got from comments). We do not even need to check if ABC is in our followers’ list, because only someone from that list will show up in this section with his name and profile photo.

So, so far, we know 2 people who love the posts that we make, but the most interesting thing is that we can see the entire list.

Now, if you’re using the app on your computer screen, click the digit button (that shows how many people liked your post e.g. ABC and 35 othersor 35 Likes) on the bottom right side of the photo and in case of the app, tap on the digit right under the heart button, and you will see the names of the people who liked your post.

Here you see the digit is 49 – if you click on the name of the person mentioned as “Liked by ABC”, Instagram will take you to the profile of that person.

So,you have to click/tap the digit.

And once you do so, here is what you will see …

As you can see, this is list of the likes – or the people who liked that post. This is a scrollable list, so you can scroll to the last name to see who liked the content.

You can also check other posts to see if that same person likes other content that you shared. If it is so and they’re still not in your followers’ list, this means that they like you and your content. Either they’re stalker or they are just too shy.

In either of the ways, you know that they (both who like content and follow you, and those who do not follow you, but “heart” most of the things you share), view your Instagram, perhaps love/like you and what you share.

Hmm … so now we have a basic idea as to who views our Instagram – we just don’t know how many times they do so, because anyone can see all the content on a profile that is public, refrain from commenting or liking and thus ditch this initial test.

So, we need something that can show us for sure as to who views our Instagram – for sure.

2. Now Here’s a Story

What’s the story, both: Facebook and Instagram let the users share a pictorial story about their day.

Where they were, where they when, whom they met or where they ate etc. People use these stories to share allkinds of updates.

From the inspirational quotes to professional and casual meetups to meetings with clients and partners, to a date – there can be a story about everything.

The most amazing thing about stories is that Instagram deals differently with it. It is that same freemium or premium thing. They let you see the people who “see” your story – irrespective of whether they like it, heart it or just ignore it.

Now, this is a big deal – and again, it might be only there as a freemium feature that Instagram would either take back or let you have the same for profile and posts as well.

Let us see, how we can use stories to know who views our profile and posts.

Unlike the post’s comment and like notifications, story notifications are very prompt and you get to know the exact time when someone views the story. Now, I understand that this again is not equal to knowing who viewed your profile, but prompt notifications of the story let you know who has an interest in your personal life and/or professional life.

Most importantly, people not aware of this feature, will view your story and thus let you know that they’ve been viewing your profile.

Unlike the post’s comment and likes, they do not have to make a comment or like the story to get “caught” – just viewing would be enough for Instagram to let you know that “someone” just checked your story.

Why is it important?

I’ll tell you that after we cover the step by step process of checking as to who viewed your stories.

  • Go to the Instagram app (remember, you can use Instagram on a computer as well as on smart devices, but unlike other social media networks, this one does not have all the options for PC/Mac, so to have access to all features, you must use it on a smart device).
  • On top of the app, you can see your profile photo in a round circle and underneath that you should be able to read “Your Story”. Next to this are the round IDs of people who you follow (and their stories, if you click on the round icons). Open your most recent story by tapping on your round icon.Once the story opens, swipe it up and you’d see a page named Insights.
  • Right next to it, a page is marked with an eye icon – that is the page where you can see who viewed your story.
  • You see the name of the person, profile image and all that can be tapped on. Once you do so, Instagram will take you to the viewer’s profile, where you can see for sure who they are.

If the first person who views your story is the one who you were always skeptical of, just tap on their name and see if you were right, otherwise, let more viewers appear.

As you can see, the same person appeared here – just click anywhere on their name, username or profile image to take a look at their profile.

Now, here comes the bigger question!

Why the story is so crucial and helpful in learning who’s stalking on you? Well, stories are updates about your life.

If you’re afraid that your ex or anyone else that you want to stay far from, is stalking on you, not only Instagram would immediately tell you when they view the story, but you can see the person.

All this, without having them like or comment on a post. If someone visits your story, it is pretty obvious that they have been or will be someone to visit your profile.

Public profiles cannot hide stories from general Instagram users – and going private will actually deprive you one free and authentic tool via which you can see as to who is interested in your story.

3. The Last Resort

Let us suppose that your stalker or the person in question is a very smart one and they know that viewing a story will alert you, and under the hood they have been reading/seeing all your posts and your profile all the time, there is nothing that story will do with that.

They would get updates about your life, your partner, kids, extended family and friends, and locations, etc. via your posts.

There is one last thing that you can do to see exactly who views your profile and posts. No strings attached at all!

But before we talk about that, here’s a pro tip to hook even the most stubborn stalker and lure them into viewing your story.

Pro Tip – Via your posts, one week before the story that will work as a hook, announce that one that particular day, you will publish a story to let your fans/friends know of the most important breakthrough in your life/business life.

Curiosity kills the cat – that person will very highly likely check that story and give away their identity.


The last resort is to turn your simple Instagram account into a business account and see more than you ever did.

One of the stats that Instagram lets you have access to is the viewers.

However, remember that while business profiles are free, they are allowed only because Instagram expects you to actually be an owner of a business. This is how it makes money; a business account will be used to run ads that pay for Facebook and Instagram expenses.

In case Instagram finds out that yours is a general profile and there is no real business or business page or business email, it will not allow this.

So, this is a whole different ball game; if you still think that you have everything to prove to Instagram that you’re not only a person but a business too, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app, go to your page, and tap on the Menu option in the upper right corner.
  • Now tap on the Settings that you will find at the bottom.
  • Now tap on Switch to Professional Account.
  • In the next window, tap on Business.
  • From here on, you can either follow the steps and attach your business Facebook page with this account or just skip that process.
  • Add the required details e.g. business category and tap on Done.

Now your account is a business account and to check the viewers, wait for at least one week so you have enough data there.

And then follow this process:

  • Go to the profile and tap on the three horizontal lines on the top left.
  • Them tap on Insights and select tabs to see how your profile performed in previous days.
  • Content will let you see the content that you made in a week.
  • Activity will show you the number of people who visited you and the days they visited you.
  • The audience will let you have access to the graphs that show how much audience you’re attracting or losing.

While Activity gives you a very close idea of how many people visited your profile in the past week, it still does not reveal the IDs.

This is the premium feature that Instagram might sell in the future, but not now.

Apart from these steps, there are a few apps that “claim” that they let you see the viewers, but a) they’re not associated with Facebook/Instagram, b) they even ask for your ID and Password, and c) they still fail to show the viewers.

So your best bet is trying the story trick and going business if you can.

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