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How to verify my Facebook page

My clients mostly ask me how we can verify Facebook page with blue tick even people are offering them give them detail and pay $1000 plus we’ll verify your page and many people paying high no doubt. Please don’t waste your money. Facebook is verifying your fan page and profile free of cost. If you are famous publically and you have many fans on your page. But in 2016 Facebook did few updates about Facebook badges. They introduced “Gray badge” that is specificity for Local Businesses or Companies & Organizations. No needs to go anywhere just follow Facebook’s Instructions.

If you’re admin of your page then you may be eligible for gray verification tick. Your page has a profile picture and attractive cover that clearly represent your business. Where can I see the verify option? You’ll see this option in your page setting. But your page about section should be clear (Publicly listed phone number or a business documents (ex: bill, driving license, ID card).


Follow few steps to verify your Facebook page:

1. just click setting at the top right side of your page
2. Go to General, click Page Verification
3. Click verify page and then Get started
4. Enter their require information ( Publicly listed phone number for your business, Your country, and language)
5. In the last step click call me now and within 30 minute Facebook to call you with a verification code and this call be automated.
6. Enter four digits and click continue
For more information about Gray page verification for your Local business click here: https://www.facebook.com/help/1644118259243888/

What should I need for Blue Verify Badge?

For Blue Badge Verification. Facebook currently only accepting request Following Categories
1. Celebrities
2. Sports Team
3. Public figures
4. Media and Entertainment
Facebook don’t support verification request for other types of pages (Business, Brand, Organization).

blue verification of Facebook page

Just click on that link https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/356341591197702, and here you can apply for Blue badge verification. But don’t forget before apply get the crowd on your page because if you have only a few likes on your page then very difficult to verify your Facebook page. First, you should make a strategy to get Facebook likes. You can buy Facebook likes from smmpoint to grow your fans and then apply for verification. Two months ago my I asked her how you verify your page with a blue badge and she surprised me. She said Facebook automatically verify her page to see too many fans; she has 100k fans on her page. So crowd always impress in every place whether that is Facebook ground or Football ground.

Facebook Likes

Which Social Media Platform Is Better For Your Organization

In the new digital world, businesses are discovering platforms that offer them a whole new way of marketing products. This includes the ability to find audiences that fit the exact demographic that is needed to sell the service. There are now many networking platforms available on the internet that can be used to market a business. It has now been found that social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter enhance the sales of a company. In this piece we will take a look at the most popular social networking sites that are currently available and will outline the pros and cons for each site when using them for business marketing.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is currently the most popular social networking platform and can be used to connect between friends and family as well as business clients. It can also be used to find brands and topics of interest, thanks to its focus on the ability to post media and data that can appeal to others within a network. It is also one of the most popular platforms and has the highest number of users.

LinkedIn Business Promotions

LinkedIn a similar site to Facebook, but focuses on a business orientated network. It is a great place to network with other business sectors that deal in the same set of services. However, it is one of the more professional networking sites and will not appeal to the wider audience.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is another social platform that has benefits that Facebook lacks. Twitter is more focused than Facebook and is designed for smaller, less formal posts. This is an advantage as it focuses information and makes it more digestible by its audience.

Google+ Share

Google+ is a relatively new platform and has yet to show its full potential as an effective website for business marketing. However, as the platform becomes more popular, the ability to use it as an effective tool when marketing is increasing.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a platform that allows users to upload videos. However, it is the second most popular social networking site, after Facebook. Video content is a powerful tool for businesses. Whether it becomes viral or is simply listed on Google, the visual medium is very effective in attracting customers.

Pinterest And Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are two more networking sites that focus their media output in imagery. This is great for businesses that with to show their products and services via images. These networking sites are simple and effective and allow followers to comment on images and re-blog them on their own profile.

It is usually best to pick one networking platform and to stick to that one. Although Facebook is one of the most popular networks, it may not be the best for a business. It can be worth checking what your main competitors are using as their networking platform, as this will give you a good idea of where you may find individuals that will buy into your service and purchase your products.

Facebook Likes

Things Keep in mind Before continuouning Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook represents one of the most potentially lucrative markets on the entire internet. With hundreds of millions of users (500 million at last count) who tend to visit the site daily and spend a good amount of time on the site, you better believe that there is a vast audience that is open and receptive to your marketing efforts. Still, jumping in head first probably isn’t the best idea. Because it’s so large and powerful, it can be easy to pour a lot of time and effort into your Facebook marketing efforts that ultimately don’t go anywhere. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you really start your Facebook marketing campaign in earnest.

The first thing that you have to understand about Facebook Marketing is the fact that you need to create a strong and authentic presence on the site. It isn’t enough to just make a profile or a fan page and then expect to bring in all the visitors you could ever want. Even if you are able to attract a large number of visitors in this way, chances are you won’t be able to make any money from them if you don’t regularly update your fan page with regular, interesting, engaging content.

Regularly updating and engaging with your page is important for a couple of different reasons. First, it shows your community that you are working with them and interested in them, and that you didn’t just throw up a page and forget about it. No one is going to visit or become converted by your fan page if you it looks like it’s dead.

On the other hand, the more you update your fan page and the more interesting the content you post, the more likely that your fans will share this information with their friends. The ease with which information, media and content spreads on Facebook without you having to do any work on your own to make it happen is one of the biggest pluses of using this social media marketing method.

You can also market on Facebook using their advertising service. This is a good service, because it really lets you narrow down and market very specifically to the people you want to market to. This is largely due to the vast amount of demographic and personal taste data that Facebook collects from its users. This results in one of the most targeted methods of advertising that has ever existed. If you want you can have your advertisements send the people who click on them to your website, but in general people who are Facebook and using it don’t like to be directed away from it without knowing they are leaving the page, so consider just sending them to your sales page.

Finally, you should know that Facebook has a pretty unique editorial policy when it comes to their ads. All ads are reviewed by individual editors, and so there isn’t any assurance that your ad will be approved. Make sure you check their terms of service and go through it with a fine toothed comb before you actually go ahead and start designing and attempting to post ads to the site.

Facebook Likes

Buy Cheap Facebook Likes UK The Key to Marketing Success

Facebook is the most widely used social networking sites in the world today. It is accessed everyday by over half a billion users, who use the site for various reasons. While the most common reason is boredom, the other reasons involve staying in touch with friends, to get more information on new things, and to indicate Facebook likes, preferences and day to day activities to various people. Thus, if you want to achieve the best possible exposure for your website, Facebook is an opportunity that you cannot afford to ignore. Here are some of the best ways of getting more Facebook fans.

How to get more Facebook fans?

You can get Facebook fans by having a well designed and noticeable tag or link on your website. Also when you use online SEO services to market your company online, you must ensure that under any and every article which they publish on various blog sites, they include the Facebook become a fan icon. This will lead them to their Facebook page, where they are most probably already logged in, and they will then become fans of your company’s page.
The key is in reaching out to as many people as possible, and in the most appealing way. Even if one person clicks on the “like” button, all of his contacts will be able to see the change on their walls. They may then want to do the same. The next best thing is to use the direct marketing techniques. Whenever as a marketing effort, you send promotional offers to your existing customers; you can include a “Become a fan on Facebook” icon in the email itself. This also gives you a lot of mileage, as the customer will then be recommending you to all of his contacts.

Content and Updates:

One of the biggest ways to get Facebook fans is to design interesting and catchy ads, with some interesting content. No one wants to be bored. Even a non-customer may get converted into a loyal customer is he likes your ad. The nest important part involves maintaining an active and an interesting Facebook page. You must ensure that the page is continuously being updated with interesting tit-bits. Keep the discussions on various topics alive. This will keep up people’s interest, and will ensure that you retain the fans that you have got.
You can also try giving incentives for becoming a fan. For example, you can give every 100th fan a special discount or an offer. This helps you in creating a lot of goodwill among your customers. They will then surely recommend your page to their friends, and tell them very proudly about becoming a winner. This will inspire others as well to become a fan.
You can get Facebook Likes fairly quickly so if you setup everything right and work on advertising your page regularly it won’t be long until you are well known on the Internet. There are also no limits to how many facebook pages or accounts that you can have either so if you have more than one company you can get facebook fans

Facebook Likes

Marketing Success On Facebook Is All About Being More Likeable

Attracting new fans, gaining real customers and realizing true success through marketing on Facebook isn’t about having the slickest sales messages. Leading brands, both personal and corporate have found their best success by simply becoming more ‘likeable’.

How can you become more likeable for Facebook users? For a start, you can start listening more. If you have learned anything about sales so far, it should certainly be that good communication and selling is actually at least 50% listening, if not a lot more. Don’t you appreciate businesses that listen to you more than those who don’t? Social media provides a unique platform and opportunity for getting immediate feedback from consumers and prospects. This not only enables you to tweak and hone your products and service when prudent, but opens up critical dialogue that can create new conversions.

Don’t be afraid of negative comments and posts either. Were you aware that in one survey social media users said that they trusted a brand or site 64% more when there were both positive and negative comments. This makes your presence more authentic. Consumers and other business owners know that no matter how great a job you do there will always be someone who isn’t happy and that sometimes genuine mistakes are made. It is not always that bad experiences or negative opinions are bad for your brand it is how you deal with and respond to them. So respond quickly and look at any negative comments as opportunities to shine and manage consumer opinion about your company.

You should also not be shy about letting your personality shine through on your Facebook  pages. Of course a professional image is important, but consumers prefer doing business with those that they know, like and trust. This is much easier to achieve when letting prospects peek through the veil and see you as a real person or at least an organization run by real people. This adds authenticity and credibility. Many of the most successful brands in the world of social media freely share pictures of family, team members and let include personal posts as well as corporate news.

You have no doubt heard it before, but free content adds a ton of value and is loved by consumers. You can try to keep some mystery and try and force potential prospects to give up their information in order to get access to more information about your business, though this may only result in your business remaining a mystery altogether and failing to gain actual customers. Instead of selling and demanding contact information so that you can bombard them with sales messages, doesn’t it make more sense just to make your business more compelling and easier to do business with?

Chuck Boyce is known as the Independent Executive. After achieving success quickly in the corporate world he decided to step off of the corporate ladder and make his business work for him. He is now dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs and business owners achieve the Independent Executive Lifestyle by creating business with a purpose, passion and plan.