Get Instagram FollowersThe most popular social network platform for sharing photos is Instagram. People are busy putting up with their photos, videos, and stories on Instagram. But, how to attract more viewers to your profile? The more the number of followers you crave for, the harder you need to work on your profile and more consistent you should be. Let us look at some tips to get a number of Instagram followers.

Follow Back More Number of People

Ever heard about the follow-for-a-follow trick? Old but gold one. When you follow many users on Instagram, there is a possibility when they got notified of the following request; they will check your profile and follow you back. But, there is no such rule that if you follow someone, they are going to follow you back. There are just higher chances that you get a follow back request. You can look for different hashtags and keywords to look for new people. You can also unfollow people who don’t follow you back, and you are not interested in them either.

Like, Like and Like more photos

If you don’t want to keep following many people, you can instead like photos of many users. Search for different hashtags and keywords in Explore so that you can get more users. When you search something which is related to your theme, people might get interested in your profile and follow you back. Don’t just likes one photo of a user. Like 5-10 photos of a user to make sure that they notice you and give a check on your profile.


Adding hashtags is the easiest way to get more followers and get noticed. When you add hashtags to give a description the of your photo, people who look for hashtags get notified. Popular hashtags like: #love, #beautiful, #tbt, #I Gers, #instagood, #instacollage, #latergram etc etc.

Share your photos on different Social Media platforms

You need to advertise your account on Instagram to get more followers. If you feel you have some followers on Facebook, YouTube or any other blog, attach your profile information there so that people are aware of your Instagram account and follow you there as well. Instagram also gives you the advantage of sharing the photo on Instagram to other social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Flickr.

Suggested User List

The best way to get more followers is when you get featured on the suggested list of Instagram. You are shown for almost two weeks continuously to people once you make it up to there. This can help you in gaining almost ten thousand followers within these weeks. Many of them are spam accounts or ghost followers, but also some of them are the live crowd who are genuinely interested in your profile. You will be featured on Instagram as soon as you are consistent and start posting on Instagram. Only post your best pictures and respond back to your followers.

Buying Followers

It is one option to get followers on Instagram with cheapest smm panel provider, but the followers are not going to be real and genuine ones who love to see your work and is interested in it.If your intention is purely increasing the number of followers on Instagram, you can do it. Also, there is no guarantee that the followers who are bought will be active or not and in the end, you may see them disappearing and not liking your posts. If you feel, you have enough money to give it a try; you can obviously do it. There are different sites which appear on Google on typing “buy Instagram followers and likes .” These sites promise you to present with thousands or hundreds of followers at some specific rates. You can try the one you feel is nice.

Post Good Pictures and Respond Back to Audience

The better the photos on your Instagram, the number of followers you can have. Click great pictures and make sure you use the perfect filters so that they look great and more enhancing. When you interact with your followers and likes on Instagram photos, you tend to have more followers. Just spend the first fifteen minutes in responding back to comments of your followers after posting a picture and see the results!



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