If you are using Twitter as a way of promoting your business or a product online it makes sense to have as many followers as possible, right?
So in order to build up your twitter followers and give it a go.
First off all when you are setting up a Twitter account you should try to use your own name or your company name, whichever one you are trying to promote. Next it’s about you profile picture. You should try put up a picture of yourself or indeed your company logo if you have one, the reason for the picture is because Twitter is a Social Network site and you trying to promote yourself whatever you are trying market and you want your picture to be nice and clean and smiley. Next is you bio, in your bio you should try to stay casual, state what you do and then to lighten it a little bit give a few hobbies like one or two or maybe say what you like to do for fun. If you have a website put that in where you have the option, it is above the Bio.
Now for the “followers” part, if you are just on Twitter for the fun and for networking and meeting new people, then what I would suggest is to go to the Tab where it says “find people” and type in the kind of people that you would like to follow, you can follow up to 250 people per day until your followers and followings rise then between the ratio which is 10% so if you have 200 following then your followers must be over 180.
If you are trying to promote a product or your business on Twitter you should again go to the “Tabs bar” and “find people” or if you have your Bio done properly you can go to the “suggestions for you” tab and it will automatically suggests people for you to follow who share the same business or interested as you, it is a great tool.
With there being ratio between your followings and your followers you need to unfollow the people who do not follow you back so that you can follow more people, so to do this the tool I use is w3seoexpert.com there is a free version which allows you to unfollow up to hundred people per day but to have the opportunity to unfollow all who is not following you back you can sign up for the premium pack which is only about $5 a year, I would recommend the premium pack.
Now for the Direct Message, you can set up an automated Direct Message that will be sent to people who follow you, this tool is great way to start a conversation with your followers. You can set up your Direct Message over w3seoexpert.com which is totally free, add your twitter account, so when you register on s3seoexpert.com you go to “social accounts” then “add new account” and add your twitter account. When that is done, to set up your Direct Messages you go to “Direct messages “edit you DM’s” and your twitter account will come up, click on that and tick the “auto welcome Option” and also under tick the “auto follow option” the “auto follow” will automatically twitter followers back the people who follow you. In the space under the “auto welcome” this is for your Direct messages, you can have more than one Direct message, this is called rotating and there is a link to show how to rotate your DM’s, i also recommend that you do this.