Instagram offers instant stories sharing that appear on its timeline. It is said to very similar to snapchat stories. There are different capabilities of these Instagram stories, that is, you can use them for the proportion of your business account. You can let people instantly know what new is going on in your business, what products and services do you have.

Certain tricks and tips are figured out about Instagram, that will make your Instagram stories look more put together, pretty and professional. The tips given below can help you know how it works for your business account.

Announce Special Business Offer

Instagram stories have now added advantage for the business owners who promote their business through their Instagram accounts. Using the Instagram stories option, they can now make special offers to their customers.

You can put the link in the bio of your Instagram for the users to get directly to your business official website page. This is where your customers can easily order the offer you have made in the Instagram story. So, you can see how beneficial it is to use it for your business accounts.

By making valuable offers to the customers, such as, ask them to direct message you for their queries related to the offer. This can help in engaging your customer’s interest and eventually boost your business if they move towards type to get the product or service.

Share Your Creativity

This tip is very important and interesting. It can help you share your creative process with your targeted audience or the people who are following you. As you share the early, mid and final stage of your product or service, it will bring traffic to your account. Not only this, but it will also create the sense of credibility in the mind of your viewer.

Show the Inside of Your Business

The Instagram stories are just for 24 hours, but the benefit that you can reap from it is everlasting. You can share a glimpse into your business with your customers. It can lead to better traffic on your account. Your customer will feel more connected to you through this. Therefore, make sure you create such stories off and on to keep their attention grabbed all the time.

Make Use of Takeover Strategy

It is a very clever strategy that a business account holder on Instagram can do. You can announce the takeover through the Instagram account stories. In this way, the existing viewers or followers will develop an interest in your account as it will be taken over by some other person or organization for a certain period.

This is how the Instagram stories are helping business account holders through its stories. It is a very simple feature that can produce great results for your business. You just have to stay focused and consistent in making Instagram stories as many as possible for you. Also, do not annoy followers with unnecessary stories. This practice can go against you.

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