Instagram Stories is an awesome feature that has added an average of ten minutes of usage for this social media platform since this feature started in 2016. This means that people are now spending more and more time swiping across the stories and exploring their interests.

This offers an excellent medium for brands to minimize their call to action from “link in the bio” to a simple “swipe up”.


The followers on Instagram can be converted into potential customers and even hardcore buyers with this east peasy feature. It will direct your followers to the exact landing page/post/e-commerce store where they can buy your products, services or take the desired action.

Who Can Add Links to Their Stories on Instagram

In the beginning, this feature was only accessible by verified accounts (those with a blue tick) but later on, Instagram rolled out this feature to more users.

You can access this feature if:

  • You have an Instagram business account (it doesn’t work on a personal account).
  • Your business account must have more than 10K followers!

Once you grow your followers to 10,000, you can make your stories more professional with an embedded link.

Why You Should Add Links to Your Instagram Stories

According to MediaKix, Instagram Stories quickly gained 250 million daily active users within a year of its launch. About sixty percent of Instagram’s current 400+ million active users were accessing Instagram Stories.

The following image is taken from their blog post which contains a butt load of resources on Instagram statistics.


Here are a few benefits of adding links to your Instagram stories.

  • Easy call-to-action.
  • Turns followers into buyers conveniently.
  • Amazing user-experience. No more (link in the bio shiz).
  • Adding a link is an effortless three-step process that takes no more than thirty seconds (or less)!

Let’s get to the good part now, shall we?

How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

Here are the four easy steps which show how you can add a link to your Instagram Story.

Copy the Link Which You Want to Add to Your Instagram Story

Before you do anything, simply copy the link that you would like to include in your stories so you won’t have to go back and forth later on.

[This link can be of a video, landing page, online store, webinar, or your Instagram post. The desired outcome is to have the follower take an action; create brand awareness, provide valuable information, or have people buy your products and services,] 

Hold and press the link in the browser and tap the “copy to clipboard” icon.

Open the App, and Tap the Camera Icon to Start a New Instagram Story

start a new story

Open your Instagram app.

Tap on the camera icon on the top left corner to start a new Instagram story.

Upload the image for that desired story either by taking a new picture or using the images stored inside your phone. You can edit the picture later.

Tap on the “Link” Icon and add the Link

input link

You will have two options here; you can add a link to your IGTV video or add a plain URL.

Tap on the link icon.

Paste and enter the link.

Tap “Done” when you are finished. The link is now embedded in your story.

Edit and Publish Your Story

You can now move on editing and publishing your story!


Improve Your Marketing Strategy by Including Links Strategically 

You need to make sure that the links you add to your story are value-filled and relevant. Relevance is the number one factor over here. You don’t want the followers to be disappointed if they opened the link hoping for one thing and instead they get something else.

For this reason, not every story needs to have a link. In fact, the fewer links you put inside a story, the more effective they become.

As a general rule of thumb, for every three to four stories, you should include a single link.

If you upload six to eight stories, you can add up to two links.

This practice is common among professionals and who doesnt want to appear a professional, right?

Here are a few ways you can creatively provide value and direct more traffic to your website:

Increase Blog Traffic

When you publish a new blog post, you can promote it by adding its link to your Instagram Story. This will allow more followers to view your blog post. This is one way to educate your viewers and increase brand awareness.

Provide Longer Tutorials Through IGTV

You don’t need to your tutorial to fit in the sixty-second benchmark of an Instagram video You can post longer tutorials and DIY’s by adding a preview in the story and adding a link for the complete video on IGTV.

Release Sneak-Peaks of a New Project

Embedded links can be the perfect way to direct your followers to BTS or bloopers of a certain project. Entertainers and actors can use this to engage with their followers.

Promote Your Products or Services

You can always convert your followers into customers by directing them to a landing page showcasing your skills and services or direct them to your online store. You can offer promotions, show off your recently launched products and more!

Direct them for Registration of a Webinar


You can also direct your followers to a free webinar registration or your free cource. This helps you build authority by reaching more people and creating a loyal audience.

Every brand on Instagram needs to learn these simple marketing strategies to effectively use Instagram and grow its pool of customers. To summarise, an embedded link shortens the call-to-action steps and allows your followers

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  1. Arjun Malhotra says:

    Instagram is a powerful social media channel that helps you to increase your blog traffic. You can also promote your latest blog post by putting a link to your Instagram story. This will allow you more followers to view your blog post. This is a way to increase your brand awareness.

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