If you’ve been underestimating the power of Facebook Live videos, maybe it’s time you stop. Facebook Live can multiply your reach on the platform, build relationship and trust with your audience. This is because a live video builds a connection that Facebook posts just can’t achieve and is an easy way to put content out there and then convert it into blogs. Facebook Live Videos are also the best video format for YouTube if you have a YouTube channel. It’s an excellent strategy for business because it pumps up your sales and has the best video format to replace webinars.

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Why is Facebook Live a Better Option than Webinars?

Staring at one slide after another then listening to a script that has zero immediate input kind of gets old. The amount of trust that could build when you talk to someone face to face or be able to engage with them live is an entirely different and overall more trusting experience.

Facebook Live Video works better for teaching and addressing a large audience and can easily convert into a YouTube format video. Facebook Live is a lot easier than a webinar and you no longer have to create slides. Prepare an outline so you know what to do before you go online on Facebook Live.

In this article, we will cover step by step methods to download your own Facebook Live Video and then explain how to download someone else’s Facebook Live Video from your wall.

Steps to Download Your Own Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live Video


Find the video on your account page or look for it on your Facebook feed. On the left side, you will find a button for Live Videos. Upon clicking that button, you will see all the live videos you had shared on your wall. Look for the one you want to download and click on it.

Once you open the video, you can view the comments on the right side of the screen.


On the upper right side of the screen, you will see three dots. Click on them and it displays a bunch of options to choose from. Click on the download option and the download will begin automatically. The video will be saved to your device in MP4 format.

Once the video is on your hard drive, it becomes the best file format for YouTube video and other social media platforms. You can share it anywhere you like.

Steps to Download Someone Else’s Facebook Live Video

Downloading someone else’s Facebook Live Video is different from downloading your own. While you had to go through two simple steps to download your Facebook video, Facebook has put in place some strict privacy measures to protect the content uploaded by other handles.

The following steps might be a bit complicated and you may need a third party site to download a Facebook Live video uploaded by someone else to your device. Now, let’s dive into a few strategies that could help you achieve that.

1. Switch to the Mobile Version

You can switch to the mobile version of Facebook. Since most web browsers no longer support this format, we no longer use it.

2. Third-Party Software

You can use a third-party app to download other people’s videos. A program called SaveFrom.net is widely popular these days.


Search Facebook for the video you want to download and play it. In the address bar of your browser present on the top of the page, there is a URL to the video. Now, highlight that link and copy it to the clipboard. Or you can simply right-click on the video and from the options, choose Show Video URL. This step will copy the link to your device’s clipboard.

device's clipboard


Go to SaveFrom.net and paste the web link there. You can also choose to go for any third-party site that works for you.

Save From


Now click on the download button and a drop-down menu will appear. The menu will give you two options:

  • Download video as an MP4
  • Download video in High Definition (HD)

Choose a video quality that works best for you and save any video of your choice to your device.

Download video

Other Methods

Some web browsers like Chrome offer download extensions that you can use them to download a Facebook Live Video. Some of these extensions are Fbdownloader and Social Video Downloader.

The best way to go about downloading a Facebook Live Video is to choose a method that works best for you. The most important aspects to you must take into consideration are

  • The time that it takes to download the video
  • The quality of the downloaded video

Choose a method that will download the video in comparatively lesser time but good quality.

To Sum Up

Whether for business or personal entertainment, Facebook Live Video has become increasingly popular these days. They provide a comparatively larger social media following than YouTube. Videos downloaded from Facebook have the best file format for YouTube. This way, you can simultaneously share your content on two different sites. Facebook users use the Facebook Live Video feature for a variety of reasons. Topics could range from cat videos to breaking news stories and public announcements. Today, millions of people use Facebook Live videos and enjoy views from all around the world.

One of the reasons why Facebook Live Video is so popular is that it has a larger amount of handles than any other social media platform. Depending on the device you use, the time of download and the video quality may differ. If you have a YouTube channel, then this downloaded video file has the best format to upload to YouTube.

We hope this was an informative read for you. From now on, whenever you need to download a Facebook Live video, just follow the aforementioned steps and have the video saved to your device in no time. Or take a step further and use this YouTube format video content for your YouTube channel.

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