Why have a YouTube Channel?

YouTube is a brilliant tool to help you maximize your online presence. Its potentials are astounding and often not used to the full by individuals and entrepreneurs.

If you want to stand apart from the crowd and would like to have a personal or professional presence on the World Wide Web, it is time to jump on the YouTube bandwagon! YouTube is excellent for representing businesses as it is an effective tool for engaging users, providing the latest information as well as gathering feedback.

A great way to enter into the YouTube arena is to have a professional, impressivepublic YouTube channel that can be easily found, viewed and subscribed to by everyone. Buy YouTube Subscribers .Basically, all YouTube Channels are public by default now, however, the videos need to be public too in order to be seen.

If however, your YouTube channel was made prior to Google change inthe privacy policy, you had the option of making the channel hidden at that time, and if you had done that a you would now need to set the channel to public in order for it to be seen by everyone.

Another thing to remember is that a YouTube channel will appear in search results only if it has at least three videos uploaded. Therefore,three videos are the least that you should consider uploading.

Here how to set your YouTube channel public in 6 basic steps.

The 6 steps to making your YouTube Channel Public

sign in youtube with google

Step 1: Sign in to YouTube

Be it a laptop, desktop or mobile device, open up YouTube either through your browser or clicking the App icon. Sign in to your YouTube Account if you have not already.

youtube channel

Step 2: Open Channel

Click on the colored icon on the top right. Click Your Channel when the list opens.

customize channel

Step 3: Customize Channel

Click the customize channel blue button.

Upload video

Step 4: Upload Videos

If you have not uploaded any videos, it is time to do that now by clicking the Upload a Video’s tag from the Uploads section.

Videos can be uploaded either by browsing through files on PC by clicking the Upload Arrow button.

select your videoOr simply by dragging and dropping the required video file on this space.

Step 5: Select the Video Privacy Setting

Select a Public€™ from the four available options for setting either before or after the video uploads. This will affect each video separately and needs to be set to Public if you would like your previously uploaded videos files to be available for the public.

Note: In case you do not desire for a video to be made public or not just yet, you can use Unlisted, Private or Scheduled setting.

You can upload multiple videos at a time

While the video is uploading, you can add descriptions, Set privacy or edit advance settings.video privacy setting

Step 6: Publish the Video

Click Publish to publish the video on your channel. Remember, if you do not click publish, your video will not be viewable to others or won’t display on your channel. Therefore, it is important to click publish unless you do not desire for a video to be made public.

Publish the VideoPro tip:

When you go to the videos section of your account, you can see the list of videos uploaded. Any video that has the sign Private or Unlisted will be marked as that. You can easily change the setting right from there to set the video as Public. Simply click on Private icon, then click edit video, click the Visibility tab and select Public. Click Done. Then click Save from the top right corner of the page in order to save the changes.

YouTube channel public

This is how to make a YouTube channel public.

You can make sure that your YouTube channel is visible to others, by handling the privacy setting on a video by video basis.


Making Old YouTube Account Channels Public

If your account was made before YouTube Privacy settings changed, it is possible that your YouTube channel was hidden. Here is how you can set a hidden or unlisted YouTube channel to public.

Click your profile icon from the top right of the page and then go to Settings. Then click the Advanced Settings tab from the left bar. Select Make this channel public.

What’s Next?

Once you are all set to having a public channel, it is extremely important to provide original, quality content on your YouTube channel which would keep users interested in your channel and would increase the number of subscribers. Your subscribers would be instantly notified of any video you upload, therefore the number of subscribers is a key metric for a YouTuber’s success.

A successful YouTube channel needs your constant attention and effort. Happy YouTubing!

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