A Facebook cover video can make your page stand out better than your Facebook cover photo. You only have to spend a few minutes on creating the perfect Facebook cover video, and your page will capture the interest of the visitors from the get go. It can make your page ten times more attractive to your fans. When people visit your Facebook page, they will immediately take notice of your Facebook cover photo. Your cover photo gives people a quick glance of you or what you stand for.

But if you use a Facebook cover video, the visitors will be able to see more of you than just a glance. If you’re a business owner, the cover video can do more than representation; it can pose as a quick teaser video of your products. Hence, a Facebook video cover can accomplish more than the cover photo.


Facebook Cover Video Specs

Before we go through the steps to create a Facebook cover video, Go Deeper our Guide about  Facebook cover photo size.

The Facebook video upload limit can be anywhere between 20 and 90 seconds. Videos that are shorter or longer in length than this given range are not acceptable.

Once the video is uploaded on Facebook, the resolution will drop down to 820 by 462 pixels. Hence, it is recommended to create a video that initially has a resolution of 1080 pixels for high definition animation.

The visitor will not have to click on your video to get it to play. It will automatically start to play once the visitor has landed on your Facebook profile. The auto-play is muted at first, which gives user the choice to either turn on the sound or not. It is better to have the video based on graphics rather than the audio, so it still makes sense to viewers even when they choose to keep your Facebook cover video muted.


How to Upload a Facebook Cover Video?

Are you wondering how to upload a cover video to Facebook? Tell you what; the uploading is the easy bit. It’s creating the video that might come across as somewhat tricky to those of you who have never uploaded a Facebook cover video before.

Now, without further delay, let’s get into the step by step process of creating your own Facebook cover video.

drag video

1. Create an Account or Log in

If you already have a Facebook account, this step is child’s play for you. For those of you who do not yet have a Facebook account (really?), go hurry and make an account!

Once you have logged into your Facebook account, you will be faced with two options: Either you want to create a single banner or you are looking to create more than one. Let’s go with the single banner option right now, but do know that you can create multiple banners with Bannersnack.

2. Select Your Slides

Next, you have to choose the “Facebook Cover” option. From here on, you can begin to work on your Facebook cover video. If you have already prepared your slides, upload them. If you haven’t, then you have the choice to select any number of stock images from Bannersnack.

final video-slide

3. Choose a Template

The next step is to choose the ‘animated templates’ banner available on the left side of the screen. From the available templates, choose one. You can even try uploading your own image or use your own texts to create a more personalized Facebook video cover. There are plenty of transitions and animations for you to choose from like Alpha, Blur, Slide, Scale, Roll, Zoom, Flip, Rotate, and more.

The template list available is pretty impressive and has a lot of different elements that are being added to keep the choices updated.

4. Test It and Save It

This is the last step of creating your Facebook cover video. Once you have finished, you can test your Facebook cover video, give it a name, and then save it. Right on top is the working panel of your screen; you will find the test and save options in that panel.


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