We love to Explain How to Use Instagram Direct Message on PC or Mac. Instagram is a widely growing social network which allows millions of people to engage in it as a mean of entertainment and many more. It provides a lot of amazing benefits to its users. It is widely used as a mean of entertainment where you can upload photographs and maintain your own feed. The majority of users utilize the Instagram mobile application to scroll through the feeds.

The mobile application provides almost all the facilities for the users. But if you are someone who constantly works with a computer, you would not gain some of the facilities that the mobile application provides.

If you have logged into Instagram through the PC, you are able to

  •    View photos and videos
  •    React to posts
  •    Scroll down the feed
  •    Leave comments for posts
  •    Follow or unfollow users

Those are the primary benefits that you receive when you log in to Instagram through the PC. There is one prime benefit that you do not receive when you log in to Instagram through the PC. Users are not allowed to Direct Message other users when they use the Pc/Mac.

What is Direct Message on Instagram?

The direct message is a facility which is available on Instagram. It helps users to send messages to each other just like in other social media. Users can share photos, videos, texts or links with the other users. These messages are kept in private, and they will not appear in the feed or in stories. You can also share your favorite or important posts from feeds with your loved ones through Direct Messages. If you want to check deeply the meaning of DM Click here

Just imagine an instance where you suddenly witness something that you would love to buy in an online shop on Instagram, how would you contact them if they have asked you to Direct message them? Well, the major complication in using Instagram through the computer is that you are unable to Direct message to the other users.

Do never worry or panic because there are some other ways which you can have access to the direct message even if you log in through the PC. This is a simple guide on How to dm on Instagram on pc. Have a quick look at it and start using the direct message facility through the PC.

A Guide on Using Direct Message on Pc or Mac

Although many people believe that they are denied from using Direct Message facility when they reach Instagram through their computers, there are several ways that anyone can do it. If we take a look on this matter, there are a few major ways which people can Direct Message when they log in through the Pc. Keep reading to get to know more about it.

A step-by-Step Guide On How to use Instagram Direct Message on PcMac

Using Instagram for a computer running with Windows 10
Using BlueStacks
Switch on to Third-party Software

1. Using Instagram for a computer running with Windows 10

If your computer is functioning with Windows 10 these simple steps would make you enable the Direct Message on Instagram.

  •    Download the Instagram for Windows application from the Windows App Store
  •    Install it properly and run it on your computer

These are extremely steps which you can follow and gain access to the Direct Message through the PC. Once you install and run the application in your PC, you can have the same benefits you receive through the mobile Instagram application. Now you can view and reply to messages from Instagram users. If you want to send a new message to a user you can head on to the conversation section in the top right corner.

2. Using BlueStacks

BlueStacks is a free application which you can download to your PC to experience the benefits of Direct Message. There are some steps that you have to follow with regards to your Google account. Follow the steps accordingly and then you would be able to enable Direct Message. This application is compatible with a lot of devices hence many people try using this application to gain access to Direct Message through the PC.

3. Switch On to Third-party Software

If any of the above-mentioned ways do not play your way, you can try using a third party software. The majority of people are interested in using third-party software like the Instagram DMs on Desktop which easily enables them to DM on Instagram through their PCs. This is widely being used in the present world.

These are the simplest ways on How to dm on instagram on pc which you can enable DM services on your PC. But keep in mind that some of these have negative means such as slow down the functions of the computers. Sometimes you may be unable to sign in to Instagram even if you fulfill all the steps promptly. However, if you come across any difficulties in trying these ways, you can switch on to some other methods which you think would work for the best.