Polls are an excellent way to engage with your friends on Instagram via Instagram Stories. Instagram introduced the poll feature a couple of years back and ever since, it has come up with new updates and changes to the feature. A lot of our friends use Instagram polls in their stories to interact with one another, some public figures use them to interact with the public, and some marketing brands use them for customer feedback or promotions.

Instagram polls are like any other polls. They present you with an Instagram poll question and you have to answer. There are three different types of polls available on Instagram stories. The first two types are voting polls, but the third one is a little unconventional: a question is presented to you and you have to type in your answer.

How to Make a Poll on Instagram?

Instagram Stories have stickers to initiate a poll. To make a poll on Instagram, open the Instagram app, and go to Instagram Stories by pressing the camera icon (or swipe right) on the top left corner of your mobile screen. Next, choose the sticker icon from the top menu of the screen. The poll can be initiated in three different ways through Poll sticker, Emoji Sticker, and Questions sticker.

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1. Poll Sticker

The Poll Sticker is very easy to use in Instagram Stories. All you have to do is choose the Poll Sticker, type in your question with a combination of binary options for users to choose from. You can choose options like YES or NO, GOOD or BAD, and more.

Using Emoji’s in your questions instead of too many words often proves to be very effective in attracting a larger audience. You can even use emoji in place of answers, like a sad and happy emoji can be used in place of YES or NO.

If you are initiating a startup business, you can use Instagram Poll to ask your friends and followers on Instagram to help you with a few decisions. If you are already running a business, Instagram Polls can be excellent for customer feedback. As a local business, you can use Instagram Polls to make decisions and bring your people closer together.

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2. Emoji Sticker

Emoji Stickers are another option for asking Instagram Poll Questions. Emoji’s tend to attract attention of your target audience. Using too many Emoji’s might come across as weird and unattractive, but a couple of Emoji’s always punctuate your question well. If you are new to Instagram Polls, then the emoji sticker polls are the best place to get started.

To use an Emoji Sticker in your Instagram Stories, choose the emoji poll option, type in your question and choose the emoji you want people to answer your question with.

3. Questions Sticker

This one is more like a Q&A session than an Instagram Poll. Nevertheless, it works well to interact with people and get to know more than just a one word response from your followers. Using the Questions Sticker is an excellent way to get a thorough response from you Instagram audience and interact with them.

While the questions sticker may not strictly be an Instagram Poll, it is definitely good for feedback in a detailed manner. This sticker allows your viewers to ask you certain questions, and you get to answer these questions. It could be an excellent promotional strategy when you are about to release a new product and want to get your buyers excited. The more questions people ask, the more their curiosity will pique.

The Questions Sticker is an excellent way to begin a conversation, engage with the audience, and develop a good relationship with your Instagram friends.

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How to Do a Poll on Instagram and Leverage It?

Integrating Instagram Polls in your Instagram Stories is an effectual method to promote business. Want to know you’re your customers are looking for? Want to interact with your end users? So, let us have a quick peek at the most effective ways you can use Instagram Poll Questions to improve your business.

1. Start a Quiz

Buzzfeed News is an excellent example of using quizzes as a way to interact with your audience. Present your audience with multiple options about various daily life aspects like food and clothing through Instagram Polls and find new ways to interact with them.

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2. Compare Products

Compare your products, compare them with your competitors’ products, or compare your new products with your previous ones to gain customer feedback. You can even start polls like IKEA USA does to start Instagram Polls and ask your end users to vote for their favorites.

3. Ask Questions

It’s sometimes hard to realize what your customers really want. Instagram Polls can help you do some much needed customer research. You can ask your customers questions – use visuals, they help – and get a front row seat to their opinions and choices. This can definitely help you improve your business. But be careful not to spam your users with too many questions, and don’t do it too often either. If you spam them, they’ll start skipping your Instagram Stories, and the entire purpose of using Instagram Polls could backfire.

4. Share Your Values

As an Instagram handle that has an ample enough audience, it’s your responsibility to give back to the community. Polls are an excellent way to share your business’s values and motivate your followers to take action. Refinery29 is an excellent example of this. They encouraged their followers through Instagram Polls to take part in the November 28 Midterm Elections.

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