My clients mostly ask me how we can verify Facebook page with blue tick even people are offering them give them detail and pay $1000 plus we’ll verify your page and many people paying high no doubt. Please don’t waste your money. Facebook is verifying your fan page and profile free of cost. If you are famous publically and you have many fans on your page. But in 2016 Facebook did few updates about Facebook badges. They introduced “Gray badge” that is specificity for Local Businesses or Companies & Organizations. No needs to go anywhere just follow Facebook’s Instructions.

If you’re admin of your page then you may be eligible for gray verification tick. Your page has a profile picture and attractive cover that clearly represent your business. Where can I see the verify option? You’ll see this option in your page setting. But your page about section should be clear (Publicly listed phone number or a business documents (ex: bill, driving license, ID card).


Follow few steps to verify your Facebook page:

1. just click setting at the top right side of your page
2. Go to General, click Page Verification
3. Click verify page and then Get started
4. Enter their require information ( Publicly listed phone number for your business, Your country, and language)
5. In the last step click call me now and within 30 minute Facebook to call you with a verification code and this call be automated.
6. Enter four digits and click continue
For more information about Gray page verification for your Local business click here:

What should I need for Blue Verify Badge?

For Blue Badge Verification. Facebook currently only accepting request Following Categories
1. Celebrities
2. Sports Team
3. Public figures
4. Media and Entertainment
Facebook don’t support verification request for other types of pages (Business, Brand, Organization).

blue verification of Facebook page

Just click on that link, and here you can apply for Blue badge verification. But don’t forget before apply get the crowd on your page because if you have only a few likes on your page then very difficult to verify your Facebook page. First, you should make a strategy to get Facebook likes. You can buy Facebook likes from smmpoint to grow your fans and then apply for verification. Two months ago my I asked her how you verify your page with a blue badge and she surprised me. She said Facebook automatically verify her page to see too many fans; she has 100k fans on her page. So crowd always impress in every place whether that is Facebook ground or Football ground.