No website is without glitch issues that keep arising from time to time. Considering the complexities of different social networking websites, users are highly likely to experience lots of errors and problems. These troubles keep arising now and then leading to a temporary closure of their services. However, one must not forget that there are numerous angels to such errors. This means that things can go wrong anytime. The errors could be of different types that vary in terms of intensity. When it comes to Instagram, the 5xx server error is one of the most recurring and common types of errors with this social networking site.

Let’s just admit that such an error is incredibly exhausting. When this happens, users’ access to the website is restricted. Looking at its code can reveal a lot of important information about this error. Unlike common perception, the 5xx error is a fairly repetitive type of error. The error has been there ever since Instagram came into existence.  Even though it occurs mostly on Instagram, the error in principle is not exclusive to this app alone.

The readers would be interested to know that 5xx is an error that relates to the codes from 500 to 511. In essence, this pertains to server-related errors.

When does this error turn up?

Server-related errors occur when a website’s server fails to fulfil the requests. This keeps the website from displaying the data requested by users. The numeric category from 500 to 511 is a reference to different types of server errors.

These numerals indicate the type of error and may help you know whether the website is down temporary or it has been removed permanently.

When you notice the 5xx server error Instagram, it means that Instagram’s server cannot entertain your request for the time being.

Now that we know what this error means and what causes it, let’s proceed further. Is there a way to get rid of this error? That’s what we are going to learn about in the following next.

instagram server error 5xx

How To Troubleshoot Instagram 5xx Server Error?

Even though a 5xx error relates to Instagram’s server, there are some things that you can do on your end. Trying out these steps might actually prove to be of some help in identifying the root of the problem. Based on the identification of the error, you can decide what actions to take.

Here’s what you can do

•    At first step, you’ll Google the error number you are receiving. For example, if you get error number 503, this usually means that the service is currently unavailable. Such an error is temporary. This might appear when a website is undergoing maintenance. In case you get this error, waiting for a few hours is the best thing to do. Also, Google may tell you if Instagram is experiencing issues at that time.

•    If you face this issue when using the app, try the browser version or vice versa! The server code will show the same error on both devices. Where one version is working and the other is not, then you need to do further research to determine the cause of the problem.

•    In case of error code 511, you will require network authentication. This error code means that you are getting intercepted before acquiring complete access to the internet. You will experience this code if you are using, say, free public Wi-Fi without entering the right code. Error 511 doesn’t relate to the website’s server. Resolving this depends on you getting the necessary information and then trying again. Once you agree to terms and conditions, this problem will end.

instagram down

These were a few steps you could take to counter Instagram 5xx server error with effect.

The Final Thought

The best you can do when this error pops up is to stop using the app for a few hours. Else, try taking other measures such as getting out of the app, restarting it, or restarting your phone. Other useful steps including ensuring you have a stable internet connection and trying someone else’s internet to see if it gives you access.

As soon as the app comes back, it will tell you the reasons as to why it stopped functioning in the first place. Once the app restored, you can also expect to be surprised with a new update or you can get new features that got added! Therefore, there is no need to panic. Keeping patience is key to get out of this Instagram server down the error.

Please know that most server errors occur because of maintenance of the server. These errors happen when there is anything wrong on the website’s end. However, it is still worth effort searching for the specific error code and see what’s restricting your access. There is a fair chance that you may find something which you can figure from your phone. If nothing, the least you can get is a better idea of the real cause of the problem.

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