Instagram Finally open “save draft” option for all users. Early in July few users reported saving draft option showing in their app. But early in august Instagram expanded the testing and rolls out save draft button more users. At last the following month Instagram Announce save draft button all users can see in their app.

This will be a great feature because you do start a post then want to save it for better timing then forget to redo it. This new feature will help many brands be able to prepare content and schedule at appropriate times.

You can easily learn the use of Instagram draft option- as noted on Instagram’s Help page:

How do i save a post as a draft

Normally, when you going to post your photo but you want to post it later, you’ll now get a notification save to draft like the below screenshot.

Example of Save draft feature

The save Draft feature definitely not only for brands a common user also get the benefit if he/she want to do schedule posts. If you are promoting your brand on Instagram then you should also aware this new features also. You can increase engagement with the help of save draft. For example, you want to post your favorite image in peak time when you think many followers are online, so now you can. This is another way to get more followers on Instagram.

Instagram also introduce add a new “Manage” option to remove unfinished work you no longer need.