Instagram stories are largely popular among users as four hundred billion users actively engage in viewing and posting stories on IG.

IG stories are used by brands worldwide to increase awareness about their services or advertise their products. Instagram has made it easier to embed links within the stories and with a swift swipe, the consumer is able to view their messages.

The user can swipe up to go to the link directly. this link can lead up to a sales page, an e-commerce store or digital marketing and for promoting the brand.

Public figures, celebrities and startup entrepreneurs are using this platform to build an audience, writers are posting content to find an organic following.

Even bloggers have turned to Instagram to post their content. An Instagram influencer has emerged as a sort of career option for passion-driven bloggers.

No wonder brands post so many stories on Instagram to inform their followers about the launch of a new product, or if there is an ongoing sale on their website/store.

IG has surpassed popularity in comparison to the original storyteller; Snapchat. One reason for their popularity is that users feel comfortable screenshotting Instagram stories due without feeling creepy because their screenshots aren’t notified to the users.

There was a brief period from February till June 2018 when Instagram tested out the notifying feature and users could see who was taking their screenshots. The whole IG community backlashed and we were given back the bliss of anonymity.

This brings us to 2019 where we can safely take a screenshot of Instagram stories and posts. BUT only if it were so simple.

Let us break it down for you before you end up looking like a stalking creep.

Does Instagram notify when you Screenshot a Story?

  1. As of yet, Instagram does not notify the user that you have taken a screenshot of their story. God knows when the tables turn and they (again) take away this beautiful feature from us!
    Instagram has recently started providing more security to privacy-focused users by allowing them to know when someone takes a screenshot of their story in a direct message.

It might be any day now that Instagram decides to do the same for stories. We hope you aren’t the first ones to get roasted over this.
We surely haven’t forgotten this from the Feb-June fiasco.

Or this!


Does Instagram notify when you Screenshot a Direct Message?

YES, YES, YES! Hold your horses if you were hoping to screenshot your way to plan revenge on your ex or aiming to record a video of a catfight between your friends. Users are now notified when a person takes a screenshot of their story in a direct message or DM.


Sadly, Instagram decided to do it right for the people who seek privacy and security while sharing personal content on IG messenger.

Instagram is seemingly trying different visuals and people aren’t happy with all of it. lately, some users experienced horizontal feed instead of the customary vertical view of the newsfeed. Every post appeared like a big story and users could swipe through the posts.

When the users whined and cried about it, the IG team announced that it was a bug. However, resources say that Instagram has been trying out some new visuals lately.

FOUR WAYS to Screenshot AND Get Away with It!

IG users have found ways to screenshot and get away with it. Without being creepy, if you absolutely need to screenshot a story for recreating some harmless fashion ideas, there are four different ways to do that.

These ideas are not to be used for violating someone’s privacy. Instagram has tried very hard and come up with (almost) foolproof ways to protect the privacy and credits of the original poster.

So, these are the four methods to take a screenshot on Instagram without notifying the user.

 The Airplane Mode


The safest and easiest way to take a screenshot of an IG story is by turning on the airplane mode and then taking the screenshot. This way, the user won’t be notified if you saved their 24-hour story for the rest of their life!

 Screenshots from the Computer

Thankfully, Instagram does not (cannot?) notify screenshots taken from the computer. So, if you want to take a screenshot anonymously,

  • Turn on your desktop, laptop, computer and take a screenshot from there. OR,
  • Go to from your mobile phone(not the app, the website) and take a screenshot from there. You will have to download Chrome IG extension for your browser.
  • Third-Party AppsScreenshots from the Computer

Using a third-party app can do the job for you. But third-party apps are against Instagram privacy policy. You won’t be facing any trouble for using these apps though. They usually work by taking the URL of the story and saving it directly to your device.

IMPORTANT: Stay aware of malicious apps that claim to tell you who is taking screenshots of your stories on Instagram. Most of these apps are a scam and you must never provide your password to such apps.

Instagram has a strict privacy policy and it allows no power to what third-party apps can do to your account (thanks to Instagram API). No app can correctly tell you who is taking screenshots of your posts and stories.

If you have already given up your password to any such app, uninstall the app and change your passwords immediately.

  Using another Camera to Capture the Picture

If you are really desperate and need a solution fast, just grab your friend’s phone and make a recording or take the picture that you want from that phone. You will get a relatively low-quality picture but it will serve your purpose.


As a social media app, Instagram has to provide enough security to its users without withholding their smooth digital experience. They are strikingly close to achieving that balance. If the privacy of their users isn’t protected, people won’t be willing to share personal content in the first place.

That is why they have to ensure that IG is a safe place to share content for all type of users. From stalkers to public figures, there are a plethora of personalities using Instagram.

The way you use social media totally depends on o your view of right from wrong. It is a matter of personal ethics. The different ways of taking a screenshot with anonymity described in this post are not for the purpose of violating someone’s privacy.

They must only be used for spreading awareness about a good cause, spreading positivity and love to the Instagram clan.

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