Marketers are in awe of the ever-growing Instagram community and it seems this frenzy isn’t going to end soon.

Brands and businesses have turned to IG to grow their merchandise and offer services to a global market.

If you haven’t started using Instagram for your business, may we ask what’s holding you back? If you think you don’t need it, then man these statistics will blow you away!

Instagram offers a bundle of creativity packed with all the technical stuff that makes it even easier to use for your brand. You can embed a link into your IG story easily that will lead your audience to your website directly.

What easier method of putting yourself out there?

Let’s see some other Instagram stats that are taking the world by storm.

1. More Than 1 Billion Instagram Users Worldwide

Instagram is used by over a billion people. it makes one-eighth of the population (7.53 billion) worldwide. The size of the audience speaks for itself!

2. 500+ Million Active Instagram Accounts

More than five hundred million accounts use Instagram on a daily basis. It ranks right behind Facebook and YouTube. Considering it is a social media app that came half a decade later than its counterparts, it’s pretty impressive.

3. 80% Active Consumer Market

That is eighty percent potential sales for brands on Instagram right there. An increasing trend of buying goods off brands on Instagram (placing orders through their Instagram profiles) has been observed in the past year.

This has substantially benefitted startup entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses in distributing goods without spending a heavy fortune.

4. Instagram Story Stats

Brands, influencers, bloggers and celebrities use Instagram stories to inform their followers about the launch of a new product, an ongoing sale, displaying the package of their services, or illustrating reviews on their products and services by other buyers.

It has become a sort of place for ads, testimonies, collecting reviews, and blogging all the same time.

5. 71 Percentage of IG Users are Under the age of 35

Breakdown between women and men is virtually even.

Instagram user worldwide by age and gender

Why is it important to know the age group of Instagram Users? You can connect this information with your product and services. People below thirty-five years of age are a good target for health, beauty, fitness, apparel, and personal development niche.

6. Thirty Percent of Global Instagram Users are Between 25 – 34 Years

Youth-based brand looking to share fresh aspiring ideas on a global level cab hugely benefit from this platform. Young adulthood is the time when people have money AND energy to dispense for a cause, business, or passion.

7. People Under the Age of 25 Use Instagram 32 Minutes a Day

While people over the age of 25 use it for 24 minutes per day on average. Instagram usage has increased over the past because of its stories feature which allows a smooth user interface.

A lot of different data from different brands can be viewed within minutes. Another social media app, Snapchat provides the same experience but Instagram being the whole package receives more audience.

Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram users visit

8. 88% of Instagram Users are outside of the U.S.

This builds an excellent global market. Apart from the U.S., India, Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, and Japan are in linewith the countries where Instagram is most used.

9. Percentage of Other Social Media Usage in Comparison to Instagram

Here are the collective stats of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter…

Even the picture of an egg can become famous and #trending on Instagram.

10. Instagram Users “LIKE” 4.2 Billion Posts Daily

Instagram receives 4.2 billion likes each day on its favorite photos and posts!

11. There are Twenty-Five Million Business Profiles on Instagram

And eighty percent of Instagram users follow these twenty-five million business profiles. It is safe to say that the plethora of options to expose your services are unlimited!

12. Instagram is Installed more than 1 Billion Times on Google Play Store

Instagram has a 4.5 rating on the Google Play store and it has been installed more than a billion times.

13. 95 MILLION+ Posts Daily

An average of ninety-five million postswas recorded to be uploaded daily on Instagram back in 2016. We are sure the numbers would have skyrocketed since then.

14. There is an 80% Increase for IG Videos Each Year!

Call it growth! Ever since 2015, the video content has been increasing by the rapid progress of eighty per cent each year. IGTV has allowed for the recording of long-form video content. This standalone app came in June 2018.

Brands regularly post stories of their new products and provide updates about their businesses.

15. One-Third Instagram Users Buy Goods from Instagram

We know that every other person is now directly placing orders on Instagram business profiles of brands rather than going to their franchise or website.

Some business profiles ask their customers to place an order on their site. Regardless, communication is carried out through Instagram.

More than 33% of Instagram users have confirmed the purchase of mobile phones and other goods on Instagram. Makeup brands are another market that has done plentiful business on Instagram.

16. 60% Instagram Accounts Come Online Daily

Instagram has an active engagement with most of it resulting between a marketer and a consumer. With so many daily visits to this site, Instagram stories are replacing the usual “checking email in the morning”.

17. Quick View Stats and Fun Facts

social apps spend per day


Here are some fun stats we have come across on other websites and we thought you should read them too!

And these…

Yes, Facebook saw this amazing opportunity and became half-sisters with Instagram. This happened back in 2012 when Instagram only had 30 million followers.

18. 10+ Billion Ad Revenue

In 2017, Instagram was said to bring in 4 billion dollars ad revenue. In 2019, it has been forecasted that Instagram ad revenue will double up to $10 billion dollars.

19. Up to Two Million Adverts on Instagram Monthly

Instagram ads that have enticed us to take an action so many times has a big number on its back. Two million ads advertisers post ads on IG monthly.

Digital marketing agencies have taken over the app with a storm and they provide value to their readers by posting helpful stuff regarding the content of their ads.

20. What Follows Next? Stats for Business on IG.

As we mentioned earlier that eighty percent of users have followed at least one business account on Instagram. Out of these,

  • 60% of users find products on Instagram.
  • Out of these sixty percent, 75% of users take action to make a purchase.
  • Once they become customers to a business on Instagram, 70% are likely to buy again through mobile devices.

21. 2.2% Interaction Rate

Instagram has a 2.2% interaction rate, which is BIG as compared to Facebook’s 0.22 percent interaction rate. Clearly, we know who the boss is around here.

22. Branded Hashtags: 7 out of 10

Seven out of every ten hashtags on IG is branded. Hashtags are used for optimization and discovery of content. Brands use hashtags to promote their business and follow a post with a series of hashtags related to their product or services, which also includes a tag for their official business name.

These hashtags are further circulated by their followers, take Huda Beauty as an example.

Whenever a follower recreates one of the makeups looks using Huda Beauty products, they tag the brand under their post, hoping to get a repost or some sort of reconsideration from the brand itself.

The brands then screenshot and post these screenshots in their stories. It allows the followers to get featured in the stories of the brand, which is pretty amazing and a sure shot way to increase organic following.

23. 79% Percent More Engagement for Posts with a Location

With Geo-tagging location, there is an increased 79% percent engagement on posts that include a location.

So, don’t forget to tag the place you’re at when you post a picture on IG!

There are some fine ways to increase an organic following on Instagram, and once you know the statistics, you’re in a pretty solid place to make a bet on your brand.
Statistics alsoallow users to employ strategies for maximum engagement on their accounts.

The knowledge of some numbers won’t hurt if it allows you to grow your gram fam!

Good Luck ?

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