A Page provides your business a Voice and show presence on Facebook, So With Page, you can easily find new customers and stay connected with people. You Can create page for grow social presence on Facebook . So, with few t i,ps you can increase reach on your page also getting more active Facebook likes. We will explain in following tips.


Reach People where they’re engaged

Facebook playing like a stakeholder in your life because it connect with many people whose ara e prisoner for you before chat on Facebook.  All over the world people are joining Facebook to connect with friends, family and things that matter to them and users are growing very fast in 2015. Over 1.4 billion people visit Facebook every month- and recently Facebook make a new record according to socialmediatoday “AND IN OMINOUS NEWS: FACEBOOK HAD 1 BILLION USERS ON MONDAY”

And Mark Zuckerberg also sharthe e post on his official profile and he also was very excited his wording was on his facebook post “We just passed an important milestone. For the first time ever, one billion people used Facebook in a single day”.

Create Facebook pages are free and easy to set up, and help users to find you or your business on Facebook and in web searches. When you create new posts and people who like your page, they can see your posts in their news feeds and another benefit to like your page by people, their friends may find you on Facebook, too.


Build relationships

A Facebook page no doubt can continue the good experience of your business, so you can up-to-date your customer the latest about your products and services. Regularly add videos, photos, and other updated to your page to connect with people, your activation in a page is very important timely respond to your customer show very positive impact on your customer. You can get feedback about your products from customer and discussion with a customer to improvement in your products. Facebook also providing advert services, you can buy facebook likes relevant to your niche. You can manage your page on the go. Get it in Google Play Store or Apple app Store .


Get to know your customer and keep growing

Every business owner who create page on Facebook to getting customer or want to get idea about their product how many people have reaches to your page and likes your page. So, Simple word you want analysis of your page. So Facebook also add insight feature where you can see how many people like, comments and share your posts.

You’ll also see from where people are visiting your facebook page and how they found you page, even you can see time and date they visit, you also see demographics for page visitors, such as age and gender and much more. You can learn more Page Basic Insight. So create your facebook page and engage more people with your business.