Early tough to verify Twitter account for a typical user, it was only enabled for Celebrities, politician, athletes, and for brands. Twitter recently allows all users to submit a request to verify their account. So what is Twitter verification? A blue tick show with account that was verified account- enabled for famous people but July 19, Twitter announce any user can apply for verification (You can apply for blue tick by yourself)

Check out the infographic below created by Ghergich & Co a complete guide what points we need before verification keeps in mind and how to submit to request to verify your account

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Explain the Steps of Twitter Account Verification

Step 1 :

Log Into Twitter account

Step 2 :

Go to this link https://verification.twitter.com/ and confirm the username you would like to verify.

Step 3 :

Add information in bio which is still missing. To submit a request, an account must have following:

  • Verified Phone number
  • Confirm Email address
  • Bio
  • Profile photo
  • Header photo
  • Birthday (not needed for company, brand, or organization accounts)
  • Website
  • Tweets must be public not protect

Step 4 :

Provide links at least 2-5 websites that identify your account

    • News/Press Release
    • You are famous publically need some evidence

Step 5 :

Explain why your account should be verified

You need to explain why you want verified account. There are two options for Individuals and For Companies and Corporations.

For Individuals

        • Demonstrate your impact
        • Outline your Public reach
        • Describe 1-2 ways in which you’ve changed your field.

For Companies and Corporations.

        • Outline your mission
        • Describe Success of achieving your mission

Step 6 :

Submit your Request for approval

Once you submit a request for approval, then wait 1 or 2 days after reviewing your request. Twitter notified you via email and if your request is denied another you can be submitted in 30 days

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