Let us admit:

If not daily at least in a week we feel like downloading a YouTube video into an MP3.

And it is only because we love good music or jokes, and we cannot help but feel like downloading – not the video, but just the audio of that country song or our favorite stand-up comedian.


Because audio has a kingdom of its own.

You cannot watch a video always – studying, driving, eating and working while your multitasking fingers are hitting the keyboard and your eyes are all set on the computer’s screen.

But in all those conditions, you can put your headphones on, go to the music/audio app and enjoy whatever you recently downloaded from YouTube.

The problem is that YouTube app or website has no such feature using which you can convert a YouTube video to MP3 and download it.

This is where YouTube to MP3 converters come into the play; this is a guide about best YouTube to MP3 converters and how you can use them to download any YouTube video as an MP3 file – that too free of cost.

1. Best YouTube to MP3 Web Converters

In this part we will discuss the best YouTube to MP3 converter websites.


Now this, is my personal favorite …

But this is not the only reason why I decided to discuss this one before any other online tool or website.

This is the website that shows in top search results when you Google “YouTube to MP3” or “YouTube to MP3 Converter”.

But again, this is not the only reason why this website stands first on our review chart – there is another amazing thing about this website.

It can also download a YouTube video in format of an MP4 video – how about it.

Here is what you see when you login to this website:

YouTube to MP3However:

Since we are not concerned with other things that you can do on this website, let us take a look at how you can download a video into MP3 format, using this website.

  • Go to YouTube and find a video that you want to convert/download as MP3. Like I love Russel Peters’ stand-up comedy so why not listen to it while going to work or working.

find a video that you want to convert

Now once you have searched for a video and opened it. You need to go to the browser and copy the link to the video that you like and you’ve just opened.

copy the link

Now you’ve got the link to the YouTube video that you love and that you want to convert into MP3.

Go to https://ytmp3.ccand paste the link into the text field that is next to “Convert Button”:

As you can see mp3 is the default choice for YouTube to media conversion.

In case you want to download the YouTube video, click mp4, but since we’re talking about mp3 only, let it be the default choice.

Now click the convert button.

And once you click convert, you the conversion engine of the website will take some time to analyze content, buffer the entirety of it and then prepare it for downloading.

Once the content is ready to be downloaded as mp3, you notice these 3 options:

If you press ‘Download’, depending on your internet speed, you will be able to download the audio – yes, because it has now been turned into audio.

However, there are two other buttons.

‘Dropbox’ will allow you to download the audio directly to your Dropbox drive (instead of your computer’s hard drive).

The ‘Convert Next’ button is what you use to go back to the empty field where you can paste the link of another video and then click Convert to repeat the same process.

B. GenYouTube

GenYouTube (short for YouTube generation), is a very exciting and free platform for turning YouTube videos into mp3s.

However, unlike YTMp3, this forum is not limited to one style of buffering the video content and then downloading in form of mp3.

On this website, you can paste the link to the video in the search field, press enter and it will take you to the video where you can perform different actions.

Once you are done pasting the link in the search bar, go press the enter button or press “Go” with your mouse’s click.

And you see that GenYouTube takes you to the video that you want to download in one of the available options.

On the bottom you notice “Generate Download Links” button – press that button and you would see different options.

Choose mp3 from that and you would be able to download the mp3 version of the video.

Definitely the loading time will not be the same as in case of mp3 as it will be in case of mp4, but this website takes a little bit unusually long time when compared to other such websites – especially YTmp3.

The other options, native ads and stuff on this website are either all about monetization (which we do not have to do anything with), or options related to trends and stuff.

  • Trends – is the button for the trendiest YouTube videos. In case you want to watch the latest trends or you use them for business, you can click that button.
  • Music – is the button for top ranking and trendy music videos.
  • Categories – is the button that helps you pick the category of your choice. For example, in Film and Animation category, you can watch most recent trailers and everything linked to movies.
  • Search Tags – is what you click to pick from the most frequently searched tags and find videos related to them.
  • Recent – is the button for recent downloads or uploads. This is again something about trends.

C. Online Video Converter


This is yet another real fast and simple YouTube video or video to mp3 downloader. Just like YTmp3 – but with different options that you can enjoy if mp3 is not your only thing.

When you log on to https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com, this is what you see:


The website is not all about video to mp3 conversion. You can do a lot.

In case the video that you want to convert to mp3 or some other format is not on internet, but in a hard drive or flash, you can always click the “Convert a Video File” button, upload the video and make your choices.

Another very exciting and cool option (I really loved the idea because it is unique; no other video converter has this option) is to record the video (family, friends, meetups – anything) and then turn it into another possible format that you prefer.


We’re only concerned with the YouTube to mp3 part. For that you need to click the first option – Convert a Video Link.

This is the screen that you see once you click that button:

Now this is exactly, what all YouTube to mp3 converters look like.

You have an empty field where you can paste the link to the video that you want to convert. Remember, this the page for converting a video (via link) into any possible format.

This not only for mp3 conversion. As you can see, the format by default is mp4 and you can pick many other formats other than mp3.

Not only there are many video formats, but there are many audio formats as well. Apart from .mp3 you can choose many other audio formats, including .wav.

This is what I love about this converter. You can simply choose so many formats; you’re not bound to stick with only one audio/video format.

Yes, other forums make it easy for you – asking you to choose from mp3 or mp4, but some people prefer the luxury to choose over simplicity.

So, to turn a YouTube video link into an mp3, paste that link in the respective field and choose the format (mp3) of your choosing.

Once you paste the link and choose the format, you can click the golden ‘Start’ button, but before you do that take a look at ‘More Settings’ right on top of ‘Start Button’.

If you click ‘More Settings’, the Online Video Converter will allow you to choose the quality of the audio that you’d eventually download.

Minimum you can choose is 64 kbps and maximum is 320 kbps. The conversion engine wants to know your preference to make sure that it buffers the video as per the preferred audio quality.

Once you choose the audio quality (I let it be the default 192 kbps), you can click the Start button and start conversion.

Once the video is processed:

  • As per the chosen format (video or audio – any format from the provided choices)
  • As per the audio quality (in case you want audio instead of video)

You see this screen – with the image and title of the video that you converted and link to download it.

Now you can click the ‘Download’ button to download the video into chosen format (mp3 192kbps in this case).

Or in case you want to change the video, format or quality settings, just press the ‘Convert Again’ button.

There is another interesting feature that I did not notice on any other website:

You can scan the QR code that you can see in the screen shot and download the content directly to your mobile or tablet’s storage space.

Also, there is a little button right underneath the QR code – click that and save the content to your drop box.


FLVTO is your usual, super easy and absolutely zero complicated YouTube video to other video/audio format conversion and downloading engine.

Here is what it looks like when you visit https://www.flvto.biz:

You see this …

It is a very attractive and equally simple YouTube video converter and downloader.

The first thing that you need to do is to enter a link in the empty field on top of other options. The cool thing about their conversion engine is that it confirms whether a link is correct or not.

Check this out:

And then I removed a letter or two from the link and this happened.

Do you see how the green check mark turned into an alarming red sign? It is now asking to enter a valid URL.

This is a cool feature considering it saves you the time and the irritation. If the link is wrong, instead of pressing the conversion button, you can always go check the video on the YouTube and make sure that you copy the right link this time.

However, once you enter the right link in that field, you still have to make a choice about the format. See, mp3 is not the only format that you can choose here.

There are other options as well …

In case you want to rather convert the video into Mp4, Mp4 HD, AVI or AVI HD etc., you can choose the requited format, the website will convert the video link into that format and let you download it.


Since most of the people usually like to convert/download a YouTube video in the format of mp3, MP3 is the default choice.

It is good because now you know that you do not need to change the format. Just click the ‘Convert To’ button and you’d see that FLVTO is processing your video.

And once it converted my video link into mp3 – it gave me plenty of options to use that content in many different ways.

You can see the options to:

  • Download the audio
  • Download using FLVTA downloader (not needed)
  • Send to Email
  • Send to Dropbox
  • Share on Social media, and a unique option to
  • Send it as a ringtone to your cell

2. Converting YouTube to MP3 via Apps

What we are doing here is using Android apps to convert and download videos from YouTube app to the mobile’s storage – in form of mp3 audio files.

Here are a few apps that do it better than a lot of them that are available online.

A. Video to MP3 Converter InShot Inc.

This is one of the best apps, with top ranking, when it comes to converting from YouTube to MP3 and as you can see, it has got 90,000+ downloads already.

You can do a lot from this app and converting YouTube videos into mp3 is not the only thing here.

Inside the app you can choose the videos – search for the videos that you need e.g. a famous song and do a lot of other things,

In this screen shot you see the way how you can choose the format of the content that you need. Remember, people do not always convert a YouTube video into mp3; there are those who like a song or video too much that they want to download the video in mp4 format.

You want to do this in mp3, so choose the format, if you do not know a lot about playing with Bitrate and stuff, leave that to the default and go with converting the content.

The best thing about this app is that it enables you to convert multiple videos at a time.

And it is full of features. For example, you can use app’s audio cutter option to cut and tweak the audio before you eventually download it or use it as a ringtone.

You can choose the moment from where the audio should begin and where it should end:

Another amazing function, since it is an app that supports mass conversion of videos to audios, is the Audio Merger.

I’m not sure if many people would find purpose of this function – even use it, but it is there and it can help you merge different audio files into one final form.

And lastly, once you are done with all the changes, you can do a lot of things with the sound track that you have – the mp3 file.

As you can see you can open the file with any apps that support an mp3 file, you can share it with anyone or even set that as a ringtone. Since all the action is happening in your smart phone you also have the ownership of the file – keep it there or transfer to your PC or other devices.

B. Video to MP3 Converter – MP3 Tagger


This is another Android app. And like all the solutions that I have presented so far – this one has its own unique advantages.

Just like the abovementioned app, this one is also focused on converting, downloading and trimming the mp3 file that you get after going through all these phases.

It is directly linked to YouTube so you search for the video inside the app. The videos can be of any duration – however, considering internet connection and other such limitations, it depends as to how long app takes to convert a video.

Once you choose the video, it is now the time to make some important decisions about the format and other factors.

Here you can notice that there are many options. Most important of them is output type. As I have just said, you can get an audio file in MP3 format or AAC.

Since we’re concerned with MP3, we will let the default choice be the same. We have covered the Bitrate thing before; you can choose the default rate or choose one more than this/less than this.

A rule of thumb is to avoid too much customization and go with the default choices, especially when someone is not a geek who understands all such options.

Of all these choices, an amazing choice is Meta Data – by clicking on this you can change the title, album name, artist, genre and year details of an audio clip.

This option is great for people who love music and who want to store music files on their smart phones/computers with 100% exact attributes and details.

If it matters for you to make a record of song’s title and artist etc., you can use this feature:

Like the previously discussed app, this one also allows you to merge many sound files into one file.

Once you are done playing with all the features and functions, you can finally download the track to a destination folder.

C. What to do in case of Apple Products?

What if you have an iPhone or iPad and you want to download some YouTube videos in the format of mp3?

Let me tell you that it is not as easy as it is in case of Android. You cannot just convert a YouTube video into mp3 and download it on your cell phone.

At least you cannot do this via some app.

Here is an app that makes this process easier because otherwise Apple’s strict policies that protect Apple’s iTunes and that Apple boasts as its resolve to protect copyrights make things difficult for you.

The app is “Documents by Readdle”:

And this app is basically a file manager app that can manage your downloads and using it you can download music on your Apple mobile product.

Follow these steps:

  • Download the app
  • Open the app and tap the small browser icon on bottom
  • Now in that browser window open YTmp3 or any other website that I have reviewed above.
  • Copy past the link to your favorite YouTube video to the field for that and then follow the procedure that I explained while explaining that service.
  • Now save the mp3 to your phone, using “Documents by Readdle” file download and management functions.

3. Copyright Issues

Now here comes the bigger picture …

Is it legal to convert/download someone else’s work from video to audio?

There is not a simple and quick answer to this question.

This depends on a lot. For example, as per the USA law, after 70 years of the death of the person who created some content, copyright expires and now anyone can use the work within the limits of reason.

However, this is about law and another thing about law is to see who can make you “cease and desist”. If the creator of a content is dead and you use that content for personal reason (not for business), who do you think would warn you or sue you for that?

Then there is another question. What if the creator of the content or the people who now have right to that content have no issues with people using that content for personal reasons e.g. for the love of music? I know many examples, where people used such content even for commercial reasons, but they gave the credits where they were due and never had any issue.

Most important of all these questions is this:

If you’re a person who loves music or stand-up comedy, and you just turn a YouTube video into mp3, download it on your cell phone and you steal a few moments of happiness due to that content, who is really going to find this out – let alone sue you?

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