The Ultimate Instagram Automation Tool
Ultimate instagram automation

For businesses and individuals alike, Instagram has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Businesses use it to build their brand, engage with customers, reach new audiences and generate sales. Individuals use Instagram to connect with friends and family, to update about their daily lives – we all have this urge to put it all out there; from the mundane to the important.

Amidst the rush of the day, sometimes it gets overwhelming to manage your Instagram account- doesn’t it? How you wish there could be an Instagram Personal Assistant who you could delegate a few of the tasks while you focus on other important matters for the day.  Tada! The ultimate Instagram Automation tool has just arrived! SMM Point’s Instagram tool is a robust tool that you can use to take the burden off you.

Here’s what this wonderful tool has to offer…

Top Features of SMM Point’s Instagram tool

Smarter Management of Everyday Posts

Instant posting

Simply log in to the user-friendly SMM Point’s Instagram tool’s account. Through its dashboard, you can easily choose the media you want to post, put a caption and post to one or more Instagram accounts in one go. It can’t get simpler than this.

Schedule Posting

Imagine the convenience when you can schedule your day’s, week’s or even month’s post at the time of your convenience! Your posts won’t even get late, or you won’t have to come out from that meeting just to do that urgent post- the moment you plan, is the moment you schedule.

This super Instagram Automation tool takes care of it all. So plan ahead and schedule posts for special events, occasions, anniversaries, etc. Be ahead of the game by using this very smart tool.

You can use this feature to schedule posts on multiple Instagram accounts. This tool provides a convenient, one-stop-shop for all your Instagram needs.

Instant Instagram Post

Caption Templates

Like most people, are there times when you have a content rush and think of amazing captions to go with your media on the post? You end up using just one with the rest of them not being put to good use. With the Instagram automation tool, however, you can save captions from before in the Caption Template section of the dashboard for quick and easy use later. This is so convenient and doesn’t waste an itsy bit of your creative flow.

Get Insights

Account Analytics

Get clear analytics of the activity of your Instagram account by using the Analyzer button in the dashboard. This gives you the option to view Instagram Analytics of multiple Instagram accounts eventually helping you track the growth of your account and supporting in better planning for the future.

instagram analytics
Supports All Post Types

Enjoy the flexibility of posting all types of varied posts and media through SMM Point’s Instagram Tool’s dashboard.

instagram post types


Use any picture format such as jpeg, jpg, png and post to your Instagram account through this tool, either instantly or a scheduled post for later. Have the media uploaded to the media section and simply drag and drop while scheduling your Instagram post.


Being able to support Instagram’s Story format of the post makes SMM Point’s Instagram tool truly unique. This is a feature that’s not commonly found in most of the Instagram tools available today.


Post any MP4 videos directly to your Instagram account using this tool. Videos may be imported from PC or cloud storage.


Post an entire album right from the dashboard. Arrange your pictures and then publish it to the relevant Instagram account.

Import Images and Videos from Cloud

Why depend on a particular device for posting on Instagram for personal or business reasons? The SMM Point’s Instagram Tool seamlessly imports images and videos from your cloud accounts, hence you are no more bound with a particular device. Simply log in to the SMM Point’s Instagram Tool’s dashboard from any device or any place and do have it all done in a few minutes.

Google Drive

Import images and videos from your Google Drive account and share to Instagram in an instant.


If Dropbox is from where you need to get the images and videos, then you can easily do that too and post on your Instagram accounts.

One Drive

SMM Point’s Instagram automation tool also supports importing media from One Drive.


Browse through your PC or mobile device to select and upload photos and videos. Either post instantly or simply import in the tool’s library to be used later.

import media


Browse through your PC or mobile device to select and upload photos and videos. Either post instantly or simply import in the tool’s library to be used later.

A Secure, Fool Proof Mechanism

SMM Point’s Instagram tool is equipped with a foolproof mechanism to provide security to its account members against Instagram banning. The modules that help with this are:

Spintax Support

SMM Point’s Instagram tool uses spintax for easily switching text in posts and comments.

Proxy Support

Use of proxies is supported by this tool in order to keep your account safe especially if you reside in countries other than where our server is located. Please note that this is an optional feature.

Post Timing

Use the speed option post timing to easily schedule posts for Instagram uploads.

Time zone Support

By automatically detecting your location, the Instagram tool optimizes your account and facilitates by using the relevant time zone. Besides adding a layer of security, this also helps in accurate post scheduling.

Smart and Convenient

Multiple accounts

Using the dashboard of SMM Point’s Instagram tool, you can manage multiple Instagram accounts. This way you can upload media and before posting, choose between uploading to personal account or business account. This saves a lot of hassle, account switches and having to upload same files multiple times.

multiple instagram accounts

Why this is the Smart Choice for You

The smart Instagram automation tool by SMM Point is unique in that it really takes the burden off you and manages your Instagram posts like a pro. By giving you the right tools, it allows you to reach your audience better, quicker and smarter.  By being able to upload media to the pool, you can easily choose from it later for posts. This saves clicks and space.  The tool helps you be free from having to use a particular device as it integrates with cloud storage. Irrespective of where you are located in the world, using proxy and time zone support mechanism, the tool provides an Instagram anti-ban support.

Be ahead of the game by using a single dashboard to manage multiple Instagram accounts. It has Emoji capability, supports Instagram stories and albums- hence this tool gives you complete freedom to do what you want, as you want on your Instagram account.

In today’s day and age, SMM Point’s Instagram automation tool is really the name of the game. Automate your Instagram and invest your time and effort for bringing more value to your business. Easy to use with remarkably wonderful advantages, why think twice before trying this tool for free?

Click here to give it a try!

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