It is hard to start your own business, but if you waste some time and learn experience from another company you will notice, that smart using of Instagram tools will help you to the great start. Below Instagram bot will describe 9 best tips for those, who didn’t have any idea how to promote your business account on Instagram.

1. Use the name of your brand for Instagram naming.

Sometimes the name which you want to choose is occupied. For this choose another name which will be closer to your brand or service and will have associations with your business. The branch offices of Sony company from another country always use the name of the brand for their Instagram accounts.

2. The main photo of your profile should contain your logo… and describe the philosophy of your company. For example iPhone, Adidas, McDonald’s etc.,

3. Don’t leave empty profile information boxes.

All information which you filling out should be readable and correct. This is the background of your brand. Don’t forget to add your website link.

4. Before it – think about your promotion strategy on Instagram.

Prepare 10 first posts which motivate your followers read 11’s. Create content-plan of your publications and follow it. After that propose to your readers to comment and share with each other your original brand philosophy and view of the world. Memorable and interesting accounts will be always on the first positions among “Insta-Ocean” of another page.

5. Use filters and apps.

Remember, that photo content is your main weapon in the Instagram promotion. A big quantity of filters will help you to make photos more interesting and memorable. Make experiments – this is the best tip how to stand out. Create videos with using the identity of your product. Even standard apps on Instagram (such as make Layout, Boomerang, Hyperlapse) make visualization effects more interesting.

6. Try to use live videos.

This is an option on Instagram you should use it as a part of marketing strategy. Auto Likes, Comments, Direct messages, and Followers will help you with this part.

7. Dilute persona photos with images from “backstage”¬†working process, team photos and informal life (if you don’t need another page). This photos could max simple and humanity. Use unexpected moments and sweet surprises from brand life. If your brand use celebrities – tell about it to your followers.

8. Tell about your events.

The opening of a new branch office or star performance on your celebration. Events always attracting the attention of followers and collect many “likes” and comments.

9. Involve!

You should suggest and involve. It gives you a chance to build bilateral communication with your followers. You can offer to think about the tagline for image or ask a question for conversation. Photo contest from your brand will attract attention and give to your client chance to show their creative part of the soul.