Social media services are popular across the world, and Instagram is one among them. Every android or iOS users use this popular service, but it is limited to the desktop users. In short, you cannot use all services of Instagram on PC. A user can only browse images; access profile information of other users and comment but it does not allow editing or uploading of photos. The latter option is not allowed because it works at the moment that means as soon as a user takes the picture, he/she can edit or upload it.

However, as its users are growing Instagram developer is bringing new options for the desktop users. Hence, Instagram for PC & Mac users can use few options for using Instagram on their desktop machine or use social media companies like smm wave and Smmpoint Here are the best available methods for these users.

Best methods for PC and Mac users:

1. Use the Instagram website

Browse the official website of Instagram to log in to your page. You can access your account from the website other than the applications. You can use it as you do on the Android or iOS. What can you do?
• Review feed: you can view posts or search for other users using the search box.
• Like post: double-click a post to like it.
• Add the comment: below a post, there is a text box where you can comment.
• View activity: view recent comments, likes and other activity from your desktop machine.
• View profile: click on profile icon to view uploaded photos, but you cannot upload them to a website.
However, you can do other things like editing the profile, change passwords, notification settings, etc.
• Follow or unfollow: click on a blue button to follow and grey to unfollow. Other than this, you can also block or unblock any user.

Using an Instagram website is thus another way to do all the above activities. However, you surely don’t want to do them every time and want to do more other actions that an Android user can do. Thus, move to the second method.

2. Use Instagram app

Windows 10 users can download the application. Go to the Microsoft store and type in Instagram and click get. Sign in and clicks enter. Now you can even upload photos to Instagram. Click on the + icon that is at the bottom, select any photo or take it if your system supports it. Add filter or description to the photo; share it to your page. You can also see all uploads or profile. Now, you can edit the photos as well.
The application for Windows 10 works in similar fashion with that for Android and iPhone versions and thus the user can do all the same functions.

3. Use android emulators

Using an android emulator is again the best way to use Instagram on a desktop. Many popular emulators are available that works well for both mac and windows. Download it and login or create a new account on it. Now you can use it for editing photos, uploading them and many more.
One can also use the third-party applications if they find difficult in using android emulators. So, these were the ways to use Instagram on PC or Mac.


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