Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are now the new homes for conducting business in a universe defined by technology. They have not only created a haven for advertisement & customer support but they have also replaced physical boardrooms as the ideal spaces for forging business ties and collaborations.

As it is, individuals and organizations are under constant pressure to establish a great social media presence.

Luckily, social media teams do not have to go through it alone in their efforts of making their brands rank at the top. There are dozens of social media marketing tools designed to help make their work more accurate, lucrative, intuitive, and effective. Any team or individual that uses these tools also gains a competitive edge.

Here are the top third-party tools designed to help social media marketing teams carry out their jobs more effectively:




High-quality photos, videos, templates, infographics as well as top-notch creation and editing tools, are key for the success of a social media manager’s job. What if you could find them all in one platform?

Well, here’s the deal: Canva brings it all to the table. It contains a wide selection of images, designs, templates, and creation & editing tools. Each of these comes with tutorials so that the users can get the most out of the app.

In as much that we are saying that it is a top-tier graphic design app, Canva features the most intuitive drag and drop interface you can find in a modern graphic design app. It is for this reason social media marketing managers with limited graphic design experience can still use it to create awesome content like pros.



If you are a social media manager in the constant hunt for free, high-quality images, Unsplash is just the platform you need for a best friend.

Unsplash is a vault decorated with a huge collection of superb, quality-resolution, water-mark free, and ready-to-download images. You can use the search button to look for images on any niche or browse the available categories such as “photos for parent bloggers”, “party images”, or “still life images”.

Once you find the image you want to use, just hit the download button to save it in your device’s storage.


Buffer is the ideal solution for those organizations and individuals overwhelmed by the multiple social media platforms they manage. Essentially, it allows the user to manage different social media accounts from one place.

On top of the regular social media platforms, Buffer also integrates with several third-party tools which social media marketers can find useful. It is also backed by up-to-date social media performance monitors, a modern photo editor, and group collaboration tools.


Next up is Animoto, an app developed to make video-making easy. It comes with a wide array of themes, templates, and audios which users can use to rev up the quality of the videos or even create a video from scratch.

Perhaps the most important feature you will like about Animoto is the fact that you can use it to create text overlays over the video. Brands across the world are using this feature to grab the attention of people who like scrolling through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


Snapchat was the first app to introduce the Stories Feature. And since then, virtually all other social media platforms have followed suit to reap the benefits.

Storyheap is designed to help social media marketing managers create Social Media Stories more effectively. On top of that, it offers performance monitoring tools so that the user can analyze the current, as well as the projected popularity of the Story.


Social media managers are in the constant need for monitoring the public so that they can come up with the type of content they like. One of the best places to monitor the public and their preferences is Facebook Groups.

Grytics is an analytic and management tool designed for gathering Facebook Group insights, reporting & archiving the obtained data, and facilitating publishing.  This way, businesses using Grytics can get the most out of the Facebook Groups they are targeting.


If you are looking for a more specialized approach to social media marketing, IFTT is one of your best bets. Unlike most social media management tools that are centered on publishing, scheduling, and data analytics, IFTTT runs on a platform of numerous specific applets for use across different device platforms.

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