As we know this social media forum so much, because it occupies enough of our day, is not going to remain the same.

Statistica shows that stats that prove that not only Facebook is no longer the social media outlet that millennials prefer, but the millennial exodus seems to be towards those social media forums that are based on sharing and publishing photographs.


We’re not talking about Pinterest: the forums that will replace Facebook in near future are Instagram and Snapchat.

These are multimedia messaging and publishing apps, and since the nature of content is mostly pictorial or video, millennials love them. However, it hurts when you are so famous on Instagram and you still think how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

This is exactly what we’re going to figure out in this post.

1. How This Dawns on You?

The first question:

How do we get to know that we should run a check on friends or when do we get to know that something is weird?

Here’s the first scenario:

You are friends with a person from another country and you make a somewhat sarcastic post about their country.

You’re just kidding, but they get offended.

You do not learn about all this and you’re busy with your shenanigans when one day it dawns on you that you’ve haven’t seen that friend’s posts for quite a long time.

This makes you run a check on them to see as to what they have been up to and to your surprise you do not find their username after you search it in the Insta search bar.


Here comes the big question. How to tell who blocked you on Instagram?

Has your friend blocked you for good? No, don’t be hasty, this is exactly what we’re going to find next.

What you’re missing here?

  • May be they got sick and tired of useless “pick waving” contest and deleted their account.
  • May be they were bigot, racist or black-hat marketer in their hidden life and Instagram deemed it fit to give them what for.


Do not jump to conclusion and apply the due diligence to know for sure that they have blocked you.

2. How to Verify if They Blocked You?

First of all!

Take a deep breath and tell yourself that this is not the end of your social media buggering. People block others for a various number of reasons and in most of the cases it is not anyone’s fault.

We just cease to appreciate others and then end up unfriending or blocking them.

Here are some important reasons:

  • Clash of interest
  • Entirely opposite political affiliations
  • Entirely opposite religious or racial affiliations
  • Envy or hatred after a girl or a boy (let us admit it)
  • Indecent behavior or lack of politeness etc.


Once you have figured out that there can be more than one reason for that and you know that you cannot fix it, here is the time to find out who blocked you on Instagram:

Here are the steps that you will take to find out who blocked your blockers on Instagram (not the case of a removed account):

  • Go to your Instagram app and open search tab
  • Now search for the name or username of the friend that you think has blocked you.
  • If you do not find the name, it means that they might have blocked you (or the account does not exist anymore).
  • But if you find them there, it simply means that they haven’t blocked you. They either made a new account or they have been busy somewhere else.
  • If you do not find the name and you want to make sure that it was a block and not the case of account removal, go to a mutual and mutually closer friend’s profile.
  • Take a look at the followers. This is the quick way to find out if the suspect is still there on Instagram or their account has been removed.
  • Take another step of due diligence and check out the likes and comments on that mutual friends’ posts, if you find likes and comments by the suspect it means that not only they exist, but their profile is active as well.
  • Now it comes to the most crucial step. You have to figure out for sure why you cannot find your “friend’s” posts in your feed.
  • Click their name from mutual friend’s followers’ list, comments or likes and see if you are able to see the content or not.
  • If their profile seems to have the same number of posts or more than what it had before, but you are not allowed to see the posts, that means they blocked you. (Bite the bullet, man!)
  • If your friend’s profile was set to private before you followed each other, and now it is again on private mode and you cannot see the photos/posts, this is a telltale sign of the fact that they have blocked your profile.

Block on instagram

3. So What?


So you’re blocked on Instagram!

Do you remember that video that went viral a few years ago?

The video featured Hollywood’s famous actress Salma Hayek and she basically talked of how people hate, bully you and try to degrade you, and how you stop them from dissing you by one magical phrase: “So what?”

You’re so shot!

So what?

You didn’t go to college!

So what?

You don’t have your own car?

So what?

You are black?

So what?

In short, you need to come up with a “so what?” response to this ordeal.

So what if they blocked you?

When two people become friends or get into another relationship, there is always a chance of the collision of two egos.

Not every two people make it to the other side of the rainbow, where a relationship is considered unbreakable.

So, live with it. Bite the bullet, bear the pain and tell yourself as well as anyone asking:

So what? So what if they blocked me, so what if they do not like me or my ideals or my lifestyle or my jokes – I love myself and I have to live with myself, and I assert my right to being who I am.

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