Is there anything more hurtful in this social media age than finding out someone has unfollowed you on Instagram? It’s like a personal insult!

Ultimately, your followers on Instagram are like your family. You constantly devote your time and energy to creating content that you think they’re going to enjoy. Every time you painstakingly bent your body out of shape to get the right angle for a shot was just for your followers. Then they go and reward you by hitting the unfollow button – it’s just rude.

Now that it’s possible to mute someone on Instagram, if you’re getting too many messages from them, there’s really no excuse to unfollow anyone, unless it’s an important part of your business branding strategy.

Unfortunately, since you can’t control other people’s behaviour, there’s always a chance that someone will decide to stop following you online.

The problem is, how do you figure out who has told your account to “talk to the hand”?

Why You Need to Know Who Unfollows You

Here’s the thing, Instagram doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

That means it’s not going to tell you when someone decides to unfollow you. Instead, Instagram would be happy to let you go on living your life as normal, blissfully unaware that someone has shown you the ultimate disrespect.

However, the chances are that if someone unfollows you on Instagram, you’re going to want to do them the same favor. Unfollowing someone that unfollows you might seem a bit petty at first, but when you consider that there are limits to how many people you can actually follow, you don’t want to waste your affection on the undeserving.

The good news is that there are two options for those who want to know who unfollowed them on Instagram, the manual and exhausting way, or the automated, easy way.

Let’s start with the tough stuff first.

see who unfollow you

Finding Out Who Unfollowed You: The Manual Option

The most basic way to track who has unfollowed you on Instagram is to search manually.

The first thing you’re going to need to do is keep an eye on your follower count. After all, you’re not going to know if someone has stopped following you if you don’t know how many people you should have on your list each day.

When you notice that your follower list drops by one, you can go through each of the people you’re following on your account and check for your username on their “following” list.

Clearly, this is an exhausting and impractical process at the best of time.

Frankly, we can’t think of a single reason why you would want to take this route, but if you really hate using third-party apps, then the option is open.

The only real reason you should consider using the “manual” route, is if you think you know who might have unfollowed you. If you’ve been having beef with someone lately, and you think they might be punishing you by unfollowing your Instagram campaign, then search for their username and check the follower list.

Finding Out Who Unfollowed You

The Easy Option: Using a Third-Party Tool

So, what do you do if you have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers, and you have no clue who might have unfollowed you? You probably don’t want to waste all your time searching through every person’s following list manually.

The good news is that you don’t have to. There are a lots of third-party apps out there that can do the hard work for you. These applications search through people’s lists on your behalf, cutting hours of work down to a few seconds.

The only downside to using a follower tracker is that Instagram is starting to cut down on the number of third-party apps that it allows to work with its API. That means that you might need to spend some time researching the right tracker to use. One popular choice that we like is the Followers Tracker Pro.

Here’s how you use it:

  • Download the Followers Tracker Pro straight to your smartphone from the app store
  • Connect your Instagram account by signing in and the app will start counting your followers
  • Keep an eye on the followers you gain and lose

This Pro app is free to use, and although it won’t tell you where you’ve lost followers in the past, it will allow you to see exactly who decides to unfollow your account in the future. You can even dig deeper into the details on your lot followers by checking out “Ghosts”, looking at who’s posting nearby, and figuring out your average likes per photo.

Other Third-Party App Options

If you’re not a huge fan of Followers Tracker Pro, don’t panic, there are other options.

For instance, Follow Meter is another smartphone app that gives you insights into your Instagram growth, unfollowers, and other people who spend too much time on your page. Once you download this app and connect it to your Instagram account, you’ll get a personalized dashboard. This dash will show you all of your new followers, unfollowers, ghost followers, and more. Just keep in mind that certain features are only available through in-app purchases.

If you’re an Android user, you can also try Follow Cop. This sophisticated Follower tracking app helps you to see unfollowers, users that recently stopped interacting with you, and the people who are considered the “top likers” for your posts.

Since the app only shows you who unfollowed you recently, you’ll need to check the details on your dashboard pretty regularly to keep track of everything. Follow Cop is also great for managing your account, as it allows you to do mass un-following.

There you have it! A bunch of easy ways to check who unfollowed you on Instagram, so you can get your well-deserved revenge!

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