For a new business building a following on twitter can be a challenge, but recently researchers may break the secret to get more twitter followers and you can grow your social presence.

According to the research of Eric Gilbert, he is an assistant professor in the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Computing, concluded his research at half-million tweets over 15 months.

Don’t try to promote your business or brand first. Your mission should get more audience on your content. But content should informational and full of tips that can help to attract more followers. This study shows people talking about themselves in 41 percent of their tweets average. If your content will be information then no need if people know about you so much or normal because people want to get benefit with informational content that can help to increase social presence. With the support of this research, it is also approved for the use of Hashtags you can get relevant followers on Twitter.

“To our knowledge, this is the first longitudinal study of follow predictors on Twitter,” Gilbert said. For the first time, we were able to explore the relative effects of social behavior, message content, and network structure and show which of these factors has more influence on the number of Twitter Followers.”

The co-worker of Gilbert during their research c.j. Hutto and Sarita yards, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan looked at the tweets of the 500 Twitter users. After examining the result show 2800 terms that convey positive and negative emotions. So, they were able to determine users increased and lost followers on the base of emotions and content.

The team successfully concluded how to gain more twitter followers ethically. They identified to create interaction with other users and message content with other relevant Twitter users, as well as the structure of one’s Twitter network, have an inspirational effort to increase the number of followers. For example, If you share some useful tips or information in your content definitely if people get benefit with your content they will retweet your post even they also follow you to get more future tips.

According to Gilbert. “Followers are Twitter’s most basic currency, yet little is understood about how to grow such an audience.” More said, “ By examining multiple factors that affect tie formation and dissolution over time on Twitter, we’ve discovered information that could help technologists design and build tools that help users grow their audiences.’

No doubt social media playing a very important role to increase any business popularity according to 40 percent of companies say that social media has helped to increase the popularity of their business and also increase their business earning with the help of social media promotion. 53 percent of small business owners also happy with the use of social media networks and they are saying after use of social media promotion their business revenue went double.