Why We Love How You Do Get People Follow You on Instagram (And You Should, Too!)
The main purpose of joining the Instagram community is to gain followers, with increase followers; you may gain exposure and connections with more people. If you are promoting any product or service, it’s very high chances your followers turn into potential sales.
6 Quick Tips about Top Hacks on How to Get More Followers on Instagram
Share something new to get more attraction with your followers
If you want gain followers on instagram and turn them into potential customers then you need to offer something unique and give answers to questions of your followers. You share the news with your followers that you haven’t share anywhere else. This technique will force your followers to turn back to your account.
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Create Attractive profile that represents your brand

Instagram allow the user to write 150 words bio; you can add your website link user can easily click on that link and go to your website. But only bios is not enough attractive profile photos and add some videos and High-quality images to make your profile more interesting. But keep in mind your videos and photos even they are funny or in shape of quotes should relevant of your brand that should represent your brand.

Contest for your followers

This is very awesome technique to attract more followers. Run a contest for your followers and ask them to join it. Give some attractive offers but make sure you have a good price within your target market.

Get benefits the power of hastags

You should see on the daily basis which hashtag is top in these days, maybe possible that tags relevant to your product then you can get more followers. But in normal days if you are going to post new photo or video you should use relevant hashtags because it helps to reach visitor easily to your account.
Top 20 Hashtags on Instagram:
#tbt (Throwback Thursday)

Read more about Instagram marketing

There is huge data related to Instagram marketing available on Internet, you should read case studies that will help you to do better decision in critical situation. Follow big brands and see their strategies how they are getting many followers.

Follow others and like their few photos

If you want to create a long-term relation with your followers, then you need to like and comments on their photos. If you regularly do, then relation will increase very quickly. This technique will help you to make goodwill in the market when people prefer you to buy your products.