Your Fundamental Guide to Facebook Business Ads

Facebook had 2.32 billion users as of the end of 2018.

That’s nearly two and a half billion opportunities to convert people into paying customers.

Although organic advertising opportunities can help to drive traffic back to your website, and improve your connection to your target audience, there’s a limit to how much your standard posts can do. Sometimes, if you want to drive results for your social media campaign, you need to be willing to “pay to play.” This means investing in Facebook ads.

The good news?

Facebook ads are some of the most effective and diverse in the social world.

Not only can you specifically target the right people with your Facebook advertising campaigns, but you can improve your chances of a significant ROI by experimenting with different ad formats too.

Here’s your introduction to all of the current ad formats available from Facebook.

Facebook Video Ads

In 2019, 93% of marketers said that they consider video to be a priority in their promotional strategy.

Why? Because video connects to your audience on a deeper level. It’s easier to consume than text, more immersive than an image, and it’s excellent for showing your customers what your brand stands for. Through sound, motion, and visuals, you can use Facebook video ads to reach out to your target audience.

Facebook offers a range of bite-sized and long-form video advertising options, including:

  • Gifs
  • Vertical videos
  • In-steam video
  • Live video
  • Video collections
  • Video carousels

When to use Facebook video: Facebook Video ads are excellent for when you want to get a message across to your audience quickly and clearly. They capture attention rapidly and are engaging both with and without sound.

Facebook Image Ads

Don’t have the skills or resources to create a video ad? No problem. Try a Facebook image ad instead. Image ads are great for capturing audience attention in an increasingly visual world. Since Facebook purchased Instagram, it’s been placing more emphasis on promotional campaigns that use photos and aesthetics to inspire and motivate an audience.

According to one study by Facebook, photo-only ads are particularly useful at driving visitors back to your website. Just make sure you know what you’re going to do with your images. For instance, do you want to show off your product, inspire your customer, or provide information?

When to use Facebook image ads: Basic image ads are excellent for quickly and cost-effectively catching audience attention. They take seconds to create, and they’re ideal for when you’re driving people to your website, or just raising awareness for new products.

Facebook Collection Ads

Educate your customers on your latest products and services with a  “collection” ad. These promotional solutions can be customized to suit specific audiences, making them ideal for brands that want to promote a particular part of their product portfolio.

Collection Ads on Facebook allow people to move from the “discovery” phase in their buying journey, through to purchase in a way that feels 100% natural. With every collection ad, you’ll be able to choose a primary video or image, as well as accompanying images or videos to captivate your audience and pull them deeper into the transactional journey. There are multiple formats to choose from, including:

  • Look books
  • Storytelling
  • Customer acquisition
  • Storefront

Customers will tap on your collection to find out more about what you’re offering, and suddenly, you’ve got an engaged lead on your hands.

When to use Facebook Collections: Collections are the advertising options that Facebook recommends for when you want to show off a catalog of products at once. You can also use these options to drive people back to your website and encourage more sales.

Facebook Carousel Ads

The carousel ad format allows users to showcase up to ten videos or images in just one ad. Each of the pieces of content that you showcase comes with its own unique link, and you can highlight different products with this format, while showcasing specific details about each service, promotion, or product. Because there’s more space to work with in these kinds of ads, you can tell your audience a lot more about your products or brand.

Carousel ads on Facebook are excellent for showcasing high-quality content to your audience in a way that tells an immersive story. One great feature is that you can also choose to let Facebook optimize the order of your pictures for you, or you can format your sequence yourself.

When to use Facebook Carousel ads: Carousel ads on Facebook are great if you want to highlight the various features in a specific product, show off multiple products at once, or help people to actively engage with your brand. You can also give your fans a fun step-by-step tour of your product or business.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

Similar to Facebook Carousel ads, Slideshow ads take advantage of motion, video, and images to help you tell an immersive story about your company, brand, product, or service. There’s even the option to ad sound too within the Facebook Ads manager.

The great thing about Facebook Slideshow ads is that they load very quickly, so you should be able to capture audience attention even if they’re tuning into your page via Wi-Fi. Additionally, unlike some of the other video-style ads available today, Slideshows are often far more affordable for companies who don’t have a video expert in-house.

Using the right collection of images, you can create a slideshow campaign in a matter of minutes using your mobile device or desk phone. There’s even the option to add videos and images that you already have linked to your profile.

When to use Facebook Slideshow ads: Slideshow ads are fantastic for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on their campaigns, but still want to use motion to capture audience attention. If you want to design an immersive experience quickly and affordably, then slideshows could be perfect for you. They’re also great if you’re reaching people who might not have the best internet connection.

Facebook Instant Experience Ads

Instant Experience Ads on Facebook used to be known as “Canvas” ads. Basically, they’re intended to capture your audience’s attention quickly and completely by filling their screen with mobile-optimized content. The Instant Experience ads bring your products, services, and brand to your audience in a unique and interesting way.

Depending on the kind of format you choose for your IX promotion, you’ll be able to showcase videos, images, or let people swipe their way through your content. There’s even the option to add a sign-up form if you want people to subscribe to something. IX experiences are available to create in both he Facebook Creative Hub and Ads Manager.

Ideal for capturing audience attention in a heartbeat, Instant Experience will help you to tell stories about your brand. What’s more, you can embed pixels from Facebook and third-party apps to track conversions too.

When to use Facebook Instant Experience ads: If you know you’re reaching a mobile audience, Instant Experience will allow you to earn their attention fast, without spending a lot of money. You can choose from a wide variety of ways to get your people talking about your company.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Lead generation ads for both Facebook and it’s child-brand Instagram, are solutions intended to help you collect valuable contact information from people interested in your business. You can create a lead ad using an image, carousel, or video, and follow everything up with a lead form when a user engages with your ad.

Facebook lead ads basically combine two points in the consumer buying cycle. First, they capture your audience’s attention with visual content that’s designed to speak to a specific customer. When that’s done, they’ll move your leads over into the nurturing stage by asking them to fill out a form.

The great thing about these forms is that they’re already populated with the information that Facebook has on a contact. That means that your customer only needs to hit a submit button to share their details, making the conversion more likely.

When to use Lead Generation Ads: Lead generation ads are excellent for when you want to pull contacts on Facebook or Instagram over into other parts of your promotional strategy. If you want someone to sign up for your newsletter or share useful information with your brand, you can’t go wrong with this kind of ad.

Facebook Offers

Want a quick way to convince your audience to stay in touch? How about giving them something special, like a discount code or a voucher? Offers on Facebook are an ad format that you can use to share exclusive promotions with your followers on Facebook or Instagram.

You’ll be able to design your offer, so it appears as a video, carousel, or image, which means that you’re free to choose the format that’s most likely to speak to your target customer. Offers are highly customizable on Facebook, with options to add your text, colors, images and more. You can even decide how long you want your offer to be available for.

If you need a quick and easy way to improve your chances of conversions, Facebook offers are a great way to capture attention and convert that attention into sales.

When to useOffers: Facebook Offer promotions are best for when you’re trying to reach new customers on Facebook and want to convince them that you’re worth their time. These options are also great for boosting sales during promotional periods or encouraging offline interactions with in-store vouchers and QR codes.

Facebook Post Engagement Ads

Most of the posts that you publish on Facebook come with the option to “Boost” your content to gain more comments, views, shares, and likes. When you boost your material, you’re using a Facebook post engagement ad, which is excellent for helping you to share information about your company, product or service with as many people as possible.

Your post engagement ads are also particularly useful because they come with handy insights to guide your future advertising decisions. For instance, you can find out which stories your customers appreciate the most so that you can plan your content to suit follower demands.

When to use post engagement ads: You can use post engagement ads to drive attention to important announcements and content on your Facebook profile. These options are also great for connecting with new followers and building out your customer base.

Event Response Ads

Event responses on Facebook are a kind of promotion that businesses can use to raise awareness for their events and drive more responses to RSVPs. You can design these ads to show as either a video or image, depending on the preferences of your target audience.

All you need to do to create an Event Response ad is to create an Event directly on Facebook, then use the “Ad” option on that Event to improve your chances of reaching the right customer. Facebook offers its fantastic targeting features to help you choose the right audience based on things like interests, gender, location, age and more.

When someone joins your event, Facebook will automatically add the date to their calendar so that they’re less likely to forget about it.

When to use an Event response ad: Use Event Response Ads on Facebook when you want to drive more awareness for your event and improve your attendee levels. You can also use this service to track how many people are coming to your event.

Page Like Ads

Finally, Page Like ads is designed to drive more users to a Page on Facebook. That means that you’re going to need a Page before you can begin using them. You’ll be able to choose between an image or video for your Like ad, and you can create this promotion by simply clicking the “Promote” option in the left-hand corner at the bottom of your Page.

Facebook will ask you to supply some basic details for your ads, such as the text you want to share, the ad creative or image you want to use, and the sort of audience you want to reach. There’s the option to use a Facebook recommended audience if you need some extra help. You can also choose a budget for your ad, so you don’t spend too much.

When to use a Page Like ad: Page like ads are ideal for driving awareness for your brand and gathering more attention on social media. If you want to improve your presence on Facebook, this ad will help you to collect a wider range of audience members.

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