YouTube channels need 10,000 views

YouTube channels need 10,000 views

YouTube has developed a famous video site condition that any YouTube channel creators of winning and losing money through online advertising channels while the number of waves of 10 or more will.

That the periodic YouTube video program (Zawya), showing AdSense ads, the video looks like over time, creators also get and lose a lot of money through non-ads.

Although the money for the video from the case of the original program “is the first day, but individuals and institutions began greedy not only small video clips using fake theft, the original videos, but also innovative through several fake accounts launched a new YouTube channel making videos To put it on the same kmaskyn more money in less time.

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Hampered by this trend, the original videos to be compensated for YouTube decided that the total number of YouTube channel views will be eligible to participate in the program 10 creators will be monetization.

Information about YouTube, vice president of product management Ariel Byrd wrote in a recent blog that we will now have a very special care for any new channel and original videos that help to share or not, if the channel will meet 10 times waves YouTube regulations, will also be playing videos Ad and Channel will display owner/creator waves.